Unexpected Experience in Wien

Vienna, 18-19 April 2016

One word that simply described my main purpose in Wien was Mozart. Herr Wolfgang Adam Mozart. I didn’t have an itinerary, I didn’t have any plan to do there. The only thing in my mind when I arrived was: ok, let’s find a way to see my favorite composer’s concert.

As I already mentioned before, the bad weather in Prague made me felt unwell. I’ve got a headache and I just wanted to sleep anywhere. I arrived on Sunday afternoon and couldn’t buy the tube ticket since I didn’t have any coins left and the tourist information was closed (be aware of opening hours everyone!). So I walked reluctantly to the next station, found someone that could change my paper money to coins (thank you!), and finally got the proper transportation to my hostel. Btw, the tube is simple as well but not as simple as Prague. After two hours slept (hostel very good too separating boys and girls rooms<3), I decided to go out and it was my best decision in Wien.


I went to place by place that listed as top places in tripadvisor (I usually do that, taking from one to ten with the highest rank). All seems wonderful to me except the bad weather (oh come on Nia!). The buildings are great, all dominated by white color, not as crowded as Prague, but it’s more expensive especially for transportation (well, the tube looked better anyway). Back to buildings, this city is full of the old buildings as well but I can’t compare one to others like in how is it compare to Prague, or Paris, or Berlin, because obviously every city has their uniqueness. I just can say that Wien is a pretty city, but honestly, those buildings look similar for me and made me kind of boring.


I finished my trip in three hours (got scam again+_+) and went to state opera (the biggest in the city) to watch the open-air opera performance. At that time I felt disappointed because I was late, and I couldn’t buy the ticket and watched inside the buildings. Then, out of nowhere, somebody asking me the very common question (seriously I thought I already got dozens of people asking me that): kak dari Malay or Indo?. Haha that!. Well, direct to the point, I met a young Malaysian male that currently study in France. He loves music a lot, and found the solution to my desire in watching Mozart with ‘so lucky you meet me, I come here for the concert as well, I just buy Mozart ticket and it will be playing in two hours’ w.o.w.

Surprisingly he knew everything. he knew the best place to see Mozart, the best conductor, the biography of them, the best time, the history, tips to get the best spot in the hall, the unique story such as how the concert hall furnished and its luxury sponsor such as Rolex etc, the expensive food inside, and one of the most useful to me was how he explained every single movement in Mozart melody. He told me this was the hardest movement, the quality of the team, even the meaning of the melody. Ok, Allah gave me something more than I expected. From zero plan, to become super successful mission accomplished. Alhamdulillah banget…


As far as I knew, it was the best night for me in Europe so far.That great orchestra brought me to place that I’ve never reached before. They’re so talented, professional, and I didn’t mind if next time I paid 100 euros to get the front seat (at that time I was in the cheapest, very far seat). I dissolved to their melody in three hours, higher, and higher while my friend told me the story behind that. After finished, turned out there were some students as well and we moved to McD to have a nice chat.

The next day, I tried the ‘you can eat and pay in any amount that you like’ restaurant and it was very great as well.

Dear Wien, new friends, and Mozart, see you later, I love you! – Aghnia Amalia Septiany


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