Frankfurt, my last destination

Frankfurt, 23 April 2016

Yeayyy, eventually after those old buildings, I could explore this busy city!. They said it has a high rank of criminality, that’s why you see the police officer everywhere. Did I experience any of that? alhamdulillah no, but I have seen the small one.

We were so hungry when the bus brought us back to Frankfurt. Then we ate in a delicious Chinese food and met one of a friendly Malaysian father. After had a small chit-chat, I’ve seen two people behind me ordered a lot of food for themselves, finished quickly, and went outside. Only after around 10-15 minutes, two police officers came and brought those two young men. When we asked the waitress, she said thy didn’t pay the food, that’s why we called the police. Actually, it’s not strange, but come on, only 10-15 minutes for calling the police? means they were a lot of officers to keep the city safe from criminality. Woww.

That night we took photos in the EU sign. I really hoped that I could work here in the future (aminn).DSCN9369

And for the next day, we explored the Romanian part in this city, said goodbye to each other and went back to Leipzig because I had my flight in the day after tomorrow.


I didn’t buy any souvenir there because It’s so expensive.. It took four hours to get to Leipzig and saw Divia and her friend did the saman dance which made me miss home again haha. Btw the performance was so good. Many people liked it and gave them applause. Congratulation guyss!


So this was my time to go, I’ve got so many lessons from my trip both of with Divia and myself. It made me became more open minded, more independent, more believed in myself, more flexible, and many more positive things.

Thank you so much for this wonderful month! bis später!! – Aghnia Amalia Septiany


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