Pale in Prague

Prague, 17-18 April 2016

Cloud, cloud was everywhere. I stopped a few hours ago in Dresden in shiny weather but arrived here with the pale sky in Prague. Well, the show must go on.. whats the challenges next? very different language, another different currency, another different tube map, and another scam. all of them slapped me in that afternoon. The thing was, I was completely alone for this trip, and I chose that by myself, so I must know the consequences. Even though I have prepared all of the stuff: the itinerary, the tickets, and everything before, it’s literally not sufficient enough to remember those things.

Having bought the two days transportation tickets, took the money in ATM, and refused to give a stranger who asked me for some euros (+_+ please be careful at the scam like this, don’t even look at his eyes, all you need to do is say ‘sorry’ and just go!), I was literally not excited to go anywhere 100% because the weather and very crowded tourist. (large numbers of tourists in the terminal, means it will be a lot more in the tourist spot!). But when I thought about how much paid for this destination, my effort, time etc. etc. I decided to go anyway.

Prague tube is simple. It only has three lines: A, B, and C (I smile when writing this, this one of the factors that make Prague is friendly for tourist haha!). My next hostel was near the tube so it made the access easier. Btw, I love my hostel, I’ve met two lovely new friends as well!.(and once more, it’s separating the boys and girls room ❤ even though it’s surrounded by ‘mature’ clubs).


I started my journey from Charles bridge, then walked around the famous historic places in Prague. It took me a whole day because I observed everything carefully, plus, I watched Vivaldi there. Aaaa such a lovely day. Those pale sky, thousand people in every single spot that I wanted to take the photo, expensive souvenirs suddenly became memorable.

Yes, Prague is a unique place. I have seen many castles in Europe and the looked similar for me except in Prague. Maybe because the color is not grey, it’s a little bit brown and gold and there are a lot of statues. Like in Paris, many pre-weds couple photos take there as well. I’ve seen four couples in pre-wed, and many others look like newly wed. (demm, I would bring my future husband there as well, I promise!). Somehow that took my photo spot, but I didn’t afraid to ask them to help me in taking pictures.


After hours walking, enjoying the landscape, I met Indonesian tourists (majorly ibu2) that surprised why I was travelling alone. They helped me with my camera as well but kept asking me even I’ve explained to them. So I walked separate with them and found Vivaldi concert in one of the church. It’s around 30 euros (I was upset first why its’s so expensive), but then I forgot about it since it’s totally worth it. The violin was soo smooth and spoiled my ears. I moved with their melody easily.

It was already 10pm when the concert was over, and It’s raining. I found my tube but I already got wet. That’s made me not explored anything in the next morning. I slept until 10 am. Went together to the terminal with my new friends, and took the bus to Wien.

Hey Prague, I’ll find the best weather and get there with my future soulmate! – Aghnia Amalia Septiany


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