Next stop: Leipzig

So I spent few days in Leipzig with Divia and her Indonesian friends. This was the longest place that I’ve stayed in my trip. Why was that? well, I must catch up with my easter study, and it’s massively important. I used her room for read, listened to some music, and slept. Her flat was located around 15 minutes from the main station by tram, but if you walk, it will take you around half an hour.


Since Divia was totally active in the student organization. her flat commonly used for students meeting. By that background, I was lucky to get the chance to meet those super-friendly people. They young, independent even far from home, very good at cooking, dance, lovely, and of course fashionable. They made me felt like home and I spent a lot of time having an interesting conversation with them. Not only about student life but also food, love, travel or random things like animals.

In there as well I met Divia handsome dog. a big cute husky dog. She loves her dog so much, and eventually I found the ground. First of all, I just want to tell you that I am not a dog lover like almost veil worn women do.Yes, I was afraid because dogs were not common pets in Indonesia like cats do.Saw her dog for the first time was a real problem for me.But, days by days I was observing that cute husky, that feeling suddenly disappeared. It didn’t bite, or energetically licking everywhere, or made an annoying noise. It is a very nice dog and I knew she put the big effort to teach her dog to become such a lovely dog like that. Slowly but sure, I finally touched it and even gave it command successfully. haha.


Few times I went to the city, shopped and ate in the interesting places, or entered the museums. One thing that must be underlined her, Leipzig is a city of music. Few famous composers like Bach, Bartholdy, and Schuman born and worked here at a long time ago. So, don’t ever miss the musical performance here. Additionally, it has beautiful old buildings that make this city more enchanting. It’s such a remarkable time for me having few days here. I love it, so much. Vielen dank mein neuer freund!


To be continued, Aghnia Amalia Septiany


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