How I fall in love with Paris

Paris, 09-11 April 2016

J’ai deux amours, Mon pays et Paris. – I have two loves, my country and Paris, Madeleine Peyroux
Paris is a lovely, lovely, and lovely city ❤
sometimes when you see the beautiful photograph and visit the captured place you’ll be really disappointed. the sophisticated expensive camera’s lens is bringing you to another world, not the one that you see precisely in your eyes. no effect, no filter, it is nothing. But Paris, who can belie that? even though you capture it with your polyphonic handphone with the smallest megapixel, you’ll still get the way that Paris is, as beautiful as always.
the streets, the old buildings, the statues, metros, street musicians, the graffiti, even those hard to smile people, I like all of them. Maybe three days I spent here was the best day for me in Europe<3
We headed to Paris from Amsterdam with megabus (again and again). The tea that Divia bought for me was accompanying me through my journey. We met the friendly family from Indonesia and had a lot of interesting conversation. The family was travelling to Europe for the first time and had no information about Paris at all. By the reason, Divia agreed to help them with brought them all together on our trip. Such a nice lady!
When we were finally there, after put our luggage in the family rent apartment, our first destination was Tour Eiffel. Menara Eiffel, yaaa that famous landmark of Paris.Unluckily, that day was very cloudy so the photo was not good, anyway the building was sooo adorable <3<3<3
We spent three hours here and walked around the area before headed back home.
The next day we went to saint basilica, and listened to the live music played by such an enticing harp player<3 I am highly recommending this place, you can feel the real Paris here from above, the streets to this place are very Paris where you can find many unique goods to sell and you can listen the live harp music too!
We continued to Arc de Triomphe after that and must be careful taking the photos because it’s literally in the main ways where many cars passed by.
Hahaa.. we walked around the museums the bridges, the river, enjoyed sunlight in the park and ate waffles:9 thank you for the treats fam!.


Then, went to the Notre Dame Cathedral, saw the Monalisa, enjoyed tea in Shakespeare and the company cafe, tried the executive trains, ate fast food again.
Waah absolutely three days were not enough in this big city. I was very sad in leaving Paris the next day to Germany. I’ve seen many lovely places, learned many things, ate many delicious sweets, met many new friends, felt surprisingly worth it in spending a lot of money here (I really mean that).
Paris, je t’aime.
Wait for my next visit ok! – Aghnia Amalia Septiany

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