We had a good time in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, 7-9 April 2016

We arrived in Amsterdam last night  at one of the mixed hostels in Netherlands, minutes from the Schiphol airport. We met one of Mexican student and had an interesting discussion about his country. The good, the bad, yes, of course, each country has that right?. Even though I have seen from the news about what he was talking about, the story became more interesting when you heard it directly from its resident: his personal opinion, what had he done, what really happened etc. He’s nice I hope that I can meet him someday when travelling to Mexico (aminn).

In the morning, we checked out and moved to another hostel. I loved this hostel. Even though it’s far (one hour from the center) and expensive, it’s truly worth it. Why I was so comfortable at that place? because it’s only for ladies haha and truly clean. I am not a person who can go to the toilet everywhere except I am sure that the toilet is clean. From the previous hostel, because it’s filled with many young males, I didn’t even try to see that. But in this hostel, I felt happy. I could take a shower freely, cooked, and took off my veil when I slept haha.


(ambil dari Google, tapi beneran hostel nya kaya gini, kamarnya, lobbynya, dapurnya, kamar mandinya, semua super comfy <3)

So in the next day, we walked around the city. Why not cycling? ‘no no, the people here cycling so fast, I suggest not, moreover we feel tired right?’ said Divia. And she’s right. I always believed in her, not only because she already travelled here for many times, but also she’s a high logic woman. We then used the public transportations which were as good as in Germany peacefully without getting pressured by the other really-fast cyclists.

First destination? of course the Amsterdam marks in front of the Rijksmuseum. No I didn’t plan to visit any museums in any other countries that I would visit beside Paris. Why because the time and money limitation. Museums in many countries besides UK were commonly paid museums (that’s why I adore UK for that), but in France, as long as you are an EU students, you are free to enter the museums (s0 take advantages for this great opportunity students!). Yeaay. Please notice that I am a very museum-person, so I am sure I’ll come back later;).


This city was sooo crowded. Taking the photo was so hard without people within it. I was trying so hard but still impossible. Yeah, anyway I have seen that mark with my eyes. Since we were not an ambitious traveller. Me and Divia didn’t put many destinations in the city to be seen. We’re not seeing the windmill, neither to Volendam. We just enjoyed our time casually in the city center. But that didn’t mean that I was not taking my picture in the traditional clothes. I did in one of photo studio near Madame Tussauds :P.


(baru find out ternyata bajunya kebalik, omg, luckily di foto asli udah bener)

I loved every single of my time in Amsterdam. Even though it was super crowded, expensive (especially for the transportation), and smells weed everywhere. This city provided me the new fresh atmosphere with its canals, old buildings, delicious cheese, unique bakery, and friendly people. I tried the famous Hering fish as well and it’s super delicious. We ate in few different places, walked randomly to uncrowded places, and ate our sweet cake in the chair which closes the river. Super quality time!



(cheese, cheese is everywhere)

We went back to the hotel in the evening to take a rest for the next morning journey to Paris. I personally recommend this city for anyone who want to fresh their mind. This city has a special place in my memory and will not be replaced with any others.

to be continued – Aghnia Amalia Septiany


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