Berlin, my first stop in Europe

Oh god, I’ve mistakenly clicked the wrong button so my post here has been lost. A little bit upset but let’s move on and remember what I’ve written before..

Berlin, 06-07 April 2016

From a long time ago my father always asked me to go to Europe. Specially Germany, the modern country which has very well organized transportations, good education systems, and place where many big companies come from. The people is popular with their efficiency, discipline, and their high knowledge. It also has a very supportive government which not only fulfill the need of their society but also for their immigrants.

I am lucky to have Divia here (I have few friends in Germany but Divia and Nanda are among the special one). She currently lives in Germany for about 6 years. Of course, those 6 years have given her a lot of lessons learned as being a foreigner in a very far country from Indonesia. Her high self-confidence, her independence, her good German language, her working experiences, her hobbies, her activities, etc. She teaches a lot, and I will never forget that.

So at my first day, I arrived at Berlin Schonefeld airport. It was hot, and I waited for her used the one-hour free airport wi-fi (I’ve found out later that free wifi in Germany is everywhere so you don’t need to be worried to get lost). She came 15 minutes later with her friend then brought me out with s-bahn to the main Bahnhof (station). My first impression to Berlin was just like ‘okay’, it’s like the common busy city where you can find the high (but not so high since it is regulated by the government) buildings, cafes, and shopping places. Few of Divia friend’s said to me that Berlin is the place for eating various foods with the cheap price, live with the inexpensive living cost, and study in the good universities, but if you want to feel more about Europe, the other places like Amsterdam or Paris or Prague are better.

But anyway, I have arrived here so I must explore the city right?. I dismissed that bad impression and visited few of its remarkable buildings like  Reichstag building where the prime minister usually has her meetings, the famous Brandenburg gate, Berlin Cathedral, and its museums.All of the places are beautiful for me and worth to be visited. I’ve finally experienced also the Germany outstanding transportation which highly integrated for one another. It connected you easily from place to place easily and its very safe as well as very on time. One thing that I admired is that most of the tickets are don’t need to be validated for entering the transportation, which means that if you don’t honest, you can just sit without buying the ticket. It somehow proves that the government believes with their people integrity. So far this is the best transportation system that I’ve ever seen after Japan transportation system (it have the higher ticket price and I felt more comfortable).


How about Indonesian people in German. Divia said ‘many Nia, so many, like a thousand people’. Yes like I’ve said before, German is one of the best countries for foreigners. The price for renting one flat, study fees, groceries prices, it’s cheaper than any other European countries. You can rent the flat wich less than 200 euros per month, or maybe around 100 euros. How about that amount in UK? you will get nothing absolutely (sad reality). Yes, there are always plus-minus points if you compare one to another. The critical point is how you deal with that. (and don’t forget to be grateful as well!)

Well, me and Divia had another flight at the evening to Amsterdam. Since the easyjet policy only allowed us to bring one cabin bag, we must be compressed anything to one place (thank’s Jo for teaching us how to do that :*). After one hour hard working we finally wrapped all out and went to the airport which eventually permitted us to bring two +_+.

Goodbye Berlin see you in the few days!

to be continued – Aghnia Amalia Septiany


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