How all this started

Glasgow and Berlin, 6th April 2016

It’s a good weather at Aberdeen at that time. No rain, no wind, when I woke up at 5 am in my comfortable bedroom in Woodside. I got my bus at 7.30 am and arrived at Glasgow in the next three hours. Glasgow as usual: busy and crowded all the time. I met an Australian student in the bus to the airport and found out that she would be going to Berlin as well. She was nice and friendly. We had a small conversation before entered the plane which brought us far to the other continent.

The flight was smooth, I thought, even though it was cheap. I couldn’t be more thankful enough to the pilot because brought me safely to the Schonefeld airport where Divia would pick me up.

She informed me that she would arrive at 15 minutes later and I waited for her in one of the busy shops at the airport. Some airport officers looked at me carefully and walked passing me for like three times. I never took this action personally. Yes never. I was fully aware for what would people thought about me, a young woman with the veil, and brought a big dark bag. Who wouldn’t be alerted right? Sometimes, when some people watched me overly, I wanted to throw that bag and ran (then laugh of course) as pranks youtubers done in their videos. haha. but of course, I will never do that.

So Divia 15 minutes later arrived with her friend and we ate at popular Turkish restaurant before slept at her another close friend.

Berlin Hauptbahnhof

Danke schon temen2 nya Divia 🙂 – Aghnia Amalia Septiany


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