My New Years Eve Trip

Hallo, It’s time to update my blog before going to my next trip;)

It’s about my England visit before going to Turkey from 28 December until 02 January 2016 (yes, my new years eve!). So how did it begin?

I went to London from Aberdeen by Megabus for 13 hours journey. Why bus? because it was soo cheap compared to the cheapest plane, and the reality is: no airports in London that close to the city center (most of them are outside the city) which means that we must take another bus going there).

It was a night bus and woman beside me couldn’t stop talking (even when she’s sleeping she kept singing omg+_+). Then at, there was a small drama about a new passenger who couldn’t sit, means that there was one of us that actually didn’t have the ticket. Everyone’s got angry (except me of course), the driver rechecked our ticket, and still couldn’t find the person. After long neverending debates, he decided to ask one of the women to took his child in her seat so the new passenger could sit. But, overall, the bus seat was comfortable, I always like Megabus, it’s cheap (very) and always on time:)

I arrived in London in the morning and bought a one week ticket for all of the transportation. I surprised it was so expensive (more expensive than my bus to London omg), and called Efrin to ask was that the correct price or not. She said yes, and welcomed me to London where everything was above the average price. I had no reason to upset, so I bought it and waited for her for in the terminal to Cambridge as our appointment. My another bus to Cambridge would go in five minutes and I spoke to the driver to wait for her as well when finally she came and said sorry for being late.

Cambridge is another beautiful city in UK. It’s not just about the university (or IELTS books haha), it has a popular river where you can go punting, the delicious cafes, and its old buildings. Directly after arrived in Cambridge, me and Efrin booked the punting ticket and tried that famous boat.Yes, it was worth it for the price. Our punting guide told the history of each building and even the surprising story about the prince who graduated there. We took photos, ate in Subway and walked to the bus stop when the tragedy happened. Efrin lost her phone on the way to the shop when she accompanied me to buy the cake for my friend birthday. A little bit panic, we walked through that way again and again but found nothing. Luckily, my friend had another phone which Efrin could use. We went to get that phone in London before back to our friend’s flat. (Aaa I felt sorry for you darl, this was my fault as well:()


That night was the first time for me to try the London tube to from city center to Stratford to stay at Putri flat. It was so easy, much easier than Tokyo tube even though it’s larger. I surprised that Putri lived on the third floor of the Mosque where she could hear azan every time, that made me want to cry ( aaa I miss azan so badly). We’ve had a lot of chat, I gave her the birthday cake which I bought in Cambridge and she’s very happy.

The next day I went to Oxford alone, but I found a very friendly Indonesian guy, mas Dedi, who then traveled with me to explore the city. He’s so nice and smart, he told a lot of good stories and I was very grateful to had the new friend like that.Thank you so much mas Dedi!


Then the next day, Jawa, my senior high school friend came and we explored London together. London is amazing. Everyone love this city. You can find anything, old buildings, new buildings, delicious foods everywhere, shopping centers, football stadiums, vintage markets, large concerts, but the one who I love the most is the British Museum. Yes, that best museum ever!. The museum is free ( I adore UK for that), and it has a very precious collection from around the world ( hey I met Cleopatra here!). It took me one day to finish the museum and actually it was far from enough but I must left to see other important places.


That night was the last night in 2015. Happy, sad ? I mixed it up. I was happy because 2015 brought a lot of wonderful memory for me, sad because I was getting older and I hated it so much. Huhu. I met my friend in the red zone near the London eye and saw the fireworks together.


So chaos, I went to Dina flat (I moved from Putri flat one day before) one hour later and found my friend there. We talked until morning and slept. At the afternoon, I met Grisel and Danur, ate Indonesian foods again, and went to Winter Wonderland together. The next day I went to Greenwich park and Notting Hill with them as well before traveled back to Aberdeen with kak Ivan.


I don’t have anything to say besides thank you thank you guys for your time, Putri, Dina the best host in London (haha), Efrin, mas Dedi, anak2 yang ketemu di London, Grisel, Danur, and Kak Ivan for your amazing time with me. I really appreciate it, thank you!

xoxo – Aghnia Amalia Septiany


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