Cappadoccia, the one who everyone shouldn’t miss!

Few tips in visiting Cappadocia, Kayseri:

  1. Take the green tour, it’s extremely worth it.
  2. Contact Soandos travel, they’re nice and well-experienced.
  3. Wear your sports shoes because you’ll have a lot of walking through the beautiful scenery.
  4. Bring your jacket, it’s cold in the underground city.
  5. Bring your sun glasses, because it will be dazzled and dusty.
  6. Try to stay at Star Cave hotel, it’s cheap and has a nice owner and breakfast.
  7. Eat at Cafe Kayief, they have delicious pottery kebab and friendly waiter.
  8. Don’t be scared to visit small shops or want to go to the toilet. Turkey people are very friendly, they won’t force you to buy anything, and very clean toilet is everywhere.
  9. If you have more money take the air balloon tour, it’s so amazing.
  10. If you have more days, try the blue and red tour as well.
  11. Have fun!

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Sure we’ll come back! – Aghnia Amalia Septiany



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