Glasgow, the Appetizer:9

Morning, this time, I will tell you about my journey to Glasgow at 19 to 21 December 2015. Yes, it’s yesterday. Since I have time to write now, so lets begin..

20.40, 19 December 2015 – UK Train, First Experience!

Me and Efrin left Aberdeen with train at that time. Since we always used buses, this was the first time for us tried the UK train. The train is very good. It’s quiet, clean, and the most important thing, it’s on time as per schedule like any other transportations here in the country. I imagined how fantastic it would if Indonesia has trains like this in Jakarta. It will decrease so many cars in the road because people are comfortable to use the public transportation.  And I believe it will happen nearly since we will have many engineering and transportation graduates from foreign school who ready to serve the country every year in the future:)


23.30, 19 December 2015 – Glasgow, First Taste

Many people said that Glasgow is like Jakarta. Now I experienced myself, would I said the same?. The answer is: Yes, exactly. It’s big, very crowded with many cars (even they have traffic-jam, I’m surprised), and many people. Me and Efrin arrived at Glasgow in the middle of the night and it’s still very crowded. Even Aberdeen in the Saturday night would always be quiet:O. However, we welcomed by the big George Square building with the Christmas Festival in front of it, waited for the bus at a very long time, then we gave up and took the taxi.


00.30, 20 December 2015 – Mba Ira house, the Warm One

It’s so nice to meet mba Ira lovely’s family and met old friends Nindya and her boyfriend as well as new friends from Leeds, Arga and Viktor (am I spelling it right? xD). We have a chit chat till 03.oo am about Aberdeen, Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester, family, etc. etc haha and ate mine failed shortbread (they said it’s taste good:9:9).


20 December 2015 – Glasgow Snapshot in a Day

That day was a very long rainy day. We moved from one place to another by bus. We’re wondering why the bus was so rare (long time to come) in such a big city like Glasgow (or maybe just us having a bad luck +_+). Firstly we went to Botanical Garden, it’s very beautiful ❤ we liked their flowers <3.


Then we went to the University of Glasgow, entered the Hunterian museum and took photos in the university building.


After that went to Kelvingrove Museum where we saw many interesting collections.


And took a walk to the Riverside Museum. We’re very like this museum, it have so many old transportations, along with their wonderful history ❤


Then we went to the Tall Ship museum, in the real ship!. Aaa I like ship<3


We’re getting very hungry when we decided to go to Kings in the city center. The portion was so big (I couldn’t event eat them all), then directly entered the Forever21 and bought many clothes (haha, imagine if this shop is opened in Aberdeen xD).

We met Glasgow friends as well as Arga and Viktor after that and have a walk together to Mba Ira’s house. Then have delicious Ayam Betutu and Spaghetti goreng mba Ira which were very delicious thank you mba Ira:9

21 December 2015 – When 2 Woman Forgot their Weight

Earlier at the day, we went to the cemetery, but since it’s rain (again), not a long time after that we went to the Buchanan Galleries and walked to the World Buffet.

There were so many foods in there, Italian, Indian, Asian, European, and we wanted to try all of them. So we ate and ate many times in three hours (sorry stomach) and have a chat about weight (but we’re still eating haha xD). Because it’s already 3.00 pm, we left the restaurant and took a bus back to the bus station where I slept in the chair because I felt so tired (remember I can sleep anywhere right:P). I continued my sleep when the bus came and brought us back to our lovely city Aberdeen.


I don’t mean to compare or anything, but somehow I prefer less crowded city than the crowded one. There are always many plus minus of living in the big or small city, such us you have Forever21 for example in Glasgow but only Primark in Aberdeen (teteup) but you must use bus or train everywhere you go in the big city while you can just walk anywhere in the small city. But overall I thought my city now it’s the comfortable place for study because we can be more focus in the quiet place right?

Thank you Efrin, Mba Ira and Family, Leeds and Glasgow new friends ❤ this trip wouldn’t be such fun without you!

The woman with fun boots – Aghnia Amalia Septiany


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