My Small Thoughts

What’s the most interesting thing that I’ve learned recently?

Good Morning,

I happily announce that my final exam is over. I don’t know how will be the result, but I don’t think too much on that, the most important one is I have done my best:)

There were many things that I’ve learned recently, but maybe let me share you the one that I’ve got from my finals experience.

‘Procrastination, maybe not as bad as you think, as well as getting the sleepless night when you’re in exam’

Why? The first one, it’s because we are live with the biggest distraction in the world: Internet. I don’t say that we must blame the internet for wasting our time, but the thing is we, who can’t avoid our self to not depend on Internet, we who can’t leave our smartphone alone for 6 minutes or check it 150 times a day (as per research, for me it’s about 20 minutes, but it’s still too much!). Is it normal? yes absolutely. We must check our emails, news, social media and communicate with our long distance family or friend right?. We will not be getting any fresh updates about the world if we late in checking that, also, so many thing now need us to give the fast response (such as the short term promo flight ticket maybe? haha). So many reasons for that, and once more it’s normal. The consequence is, we lost our focus in what we must do now.

The second one is, with the highest competition today, we are forced to be as productive as we can, as well as learning many things in one day as we can. We have a lot of activities to do and all of them are important and well arranged to make ourselves better. Of course we want to live ourselves to the fullest and explore more and more, finding the right meaning of our life and we set up our priority list for those activities based on time period. Sometimes because we have so many things to do, or we feel very tired, we lost one or two or our agendas, for example, time to study, and it’s very (very again) common. So don’t blame ourselves on that, because we’re doing a positive thing that day. 

So how about our study agenda? we feel very panic when the timetable for Exam is now available, like bubbles, we fly then we want to explode because that single word: Exam. Aaaa what should we do? 

Aberdeen University LIbrary.jpg.638x0_q80_crop-smart

(my university’s library, photo taken from, my favorite spot is in the third floor near the window when I usually asked Efrin and Kak Ivan to join with me haha, love you both!)

One big point: Don’t view that as a negative or useless emotion. Panic is good, to make us focus and help us to get rid of anything that make us distracted. When we’re in panic in facing the problem, there will be only one thing in our mind: how to solve this problem. Sure it is a big leverage! 

So, now we get the timing when we must study. Each of us is a mature person and have a great capability of dealing with ourselves better than before. It’s time to temporary delete our social media applications, check our phone once a day and say no to activities besides study that will waste our time. Do the sleepless night in the library, discuss with smart people in our class about the topic that we don’t understand and set the target every day. Just don’t think too much, and start our study NOW, ya, RIGHT NOW, to catch our lag in that courses. As my friend said, ‘remember we only have a short time to save our semester’, Trust me we will be okay as long as we greatly focus in that time limitation! Good Luck! 

One of your friend that just have a very first experience facing the exam in foreign country with 7 sleepless nights in library, and room with liters of coffee and fast food (haha) – Aghnia Amalia Septiany


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