30 Day of Challenge

Best Childhood Memory?

13 years ago, It was the first time I ate wendy’s as my good score present from my father. Only two of us. The burger was very delicious (still my favorite till now), and I still remembered how happy I was since my father didn’t angry to me that semester. Fyi, I was never study before, ranked 27 from 30 students, and I always scared went home after took my score report because of him (then usually hided in my housemaid room, Haha). But that semester was different, I decided to proof that I could do better to everyone who underestimated me (bad teachers, friends, etc.). Then I didn’t want to make my father angry again, since I knew he worked very hard everyday (went work at 05.00 am and arrived home at 11.00 pm), I understood why he was really upset because I was not do my best too.


Wow, now I got my flashback, 10 years Nia studied everyday. Never play, never disturbed my siblings. Finally, the day was come, ranked 4 or 6 (I forgot) from 30 students. Father smiled, everyone changed their mind about me, and got nice fast food even though he need to drive 1.5 hours to get there. I’m just happy:D

Aghnia Amalia Septiany


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