30 Day of Challenge

What makes me happy

That’s such a perfect query. Opened with the rain, and very cold weather (I’m wearing my gloves now while typing), the sleepy math course which getting harder and harder, went to the library and couldn’t find any empty space to sit, went to Morrisons to buy Lock & Lock water for 1 hour walked with zero result since their stock was empty, got the headache caused by wet hair, I thought that it would be my bad day (read: another+_+).

Prepared for the worst in getting my essay score which most of my friend got the low score that will higher the grade from bad day to super bad day (haha apa bedanya coba?), got the unfriendly face from the officer because I was late in taking the result (of course, i didn’t want to ruin my weekend because of that! :P), then, when she gave to me I saw it was E5 +_+ (Oh gosh masa udah E yang level 5 lagi +_+), then I grabbed it fast put it in my bag and went out. Then I forgot to take something in my bag, I glanced that paper again it was A5 !  waaa, Alhamdulillah (sujud syukur). So that the answer of today question 😀

Aghnia Amalia Septiany


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