30 Day of Challenge

The 20 Random Facts


(Me, 23 yo. Sekali2 gapapa lah yaa x)

The most difficult thing in life is to know yourself.
– Thales

  1. Easy to fall asleep. Can sleep anywhere in 5-10 minutes: bus, train whatever condition.
  2. Can’t stop biting the nail since 5 years old.
  3. Banned for life in driving caused by almost three times hit the trees.
  4. Has very bad writing. Everyone know that and some of them re-teach me how to write again x).
  5. Disgusted with any type of holes. (Forgot the phobia name).
  6. Usually get the nosebleed in cold temperature, but now is ok (I don’t know why, Alhamdulillah).
  7. Look cool, but friendly.
  8. Don’t follow the latest fashion, music, or social media routinely, instead read the news everyday.
  9. Like the common: love shopping, make up, go to saloon, but rare to do that. (very rare, who make people thing that I don’t like any others haha).
  10. Easily changes mind. Don’t ask +_+.
  11. Has a very bad English, got low score in IELTS. I am lucky to be surrounded with people who patient with my skill:). That’s why I join the club.
  12. Easily get happy, easily get sad, panic. ya ya, woman.
  13. Actually love to spend my time in home. But realizes that life is about experiences, currently tries to explore many new place as possible.
  14. Doesn’t have specific genre of favorite music.
  15. Love animals, but scare to touch them. (even a cat ! +_+)
  16. The best food is my mother cooks, no matter how delicious any other restaurants are.
  17. Very like cheese cake.
  18. A great procrastinator. Still learn hard to avoid that.
  19. Bad in maintaining indirect relationship with anyone. Even with my family and closest friends +_+.
  20. Looked as optimistic person, but pessimistic indeed.

Need 30 minutes to write this, hope I will know more about myself and what to improve – Aghnia Amalia Septiany


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