Edinburgh: my best city ever <3

I love Edinburgh.

The first time I saw the street, the first time I saw the monument, the first time I saw the landscape: I think I just want to live there in my old days.

20 Pounds by bus ticket really worth to spent to this tremendously beautiful city. The first time I thought, it would be boring, since I came there alone and it would be so failed if the landscape was not good. but totally I’m wrong. three days was not enough to travel around the city.

At Friday afternoon (the second week), mba Meri, my citi friend in Jakarta who got the chevening scholarship, picked me up and accompanied me walked to the prince street. I showed her my places to see and she just really nice to get me there. We completed those afternoon to visit 70% of  my list: Scottish Parliament, Surgeons’ Hall, Greyfriars Bobby , Old Town, St Giles’ Cathedral, Scott Monument, Princes Street Gardens and New Town. Before she guided me to meet Nufa, (where I would stay), we just chilled in in the Meadow garden and enjoy the rare sun:)

(here were the few photos)

DSCN6821aDSCN6848 - CopyDSCN6870aDSCN6878aDSCN6887aAt night, I surprised with Nufa’s bedroom since it was so comfortable (I’m very lucky hihi). Then dinner with Edinburgh students from Indonesia who some of them are my friends also:) helloo!

Saturday morning, me, Leo, Rio, Mba Daning, tasya and three of pretty foreigner students climbed to Arthur Seat then visited the Palace of Holyroodhouse, Calton Hill, and National Museum of Scotland. Then we ate at delicious Turkish cafe:D

DSCN6942aDSCN7002aDSCN7037aAt evening, Nufa accompanied me to the grass market as well as tried the famous Mary’s Ice Cream. Then the night Hiro, student from Manchester Uni came to Nufa’s place to cook her friend a donburi. And you know, it was the best donburi that I ever ate, even it better than the donburi that I ate in Kyoto! (aaa mau lagi).

DSCN7066aSunday Morning, I met with Kak Ansel, to visit National Galleries of Scotland and saw the may beautiful paints. Before that, I enjoyed my time by sitting in the Prince Street Garden and saw the beautiful cities landscape of Edinburgh Castle above me.

DSCN7082aDSCN7093aDSCN7094aI know maybe I am always too much when I like something. But this historical place was really make me happy. every single time and moment in Edinburgh was my favorite. Thank you for mba meri, nufa, leo, rio, mba daning, mba icha, silvony, friend and all of you who make this trip wonderful.

Love you! – Aghnia Amalia Septiany


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