a wet day in Stonehaven

Well, it was few months ago when I saw ‘things to see near Aberdeen’ in the website. The big castle picture near the beach just showed up in my desktop: Dunnottar Castle – Stonehaven – 20 miles. And I felt like : I must go there at my first week before busy with the lecture ! So, at 12 September (yes, it’s also my birthday 😉 me and my friends went there by bus.

It was afternoon when we arrived at Stonehaven. The sky was grey and the wind blow. Since we were all new in UK, we haven’t check any weather forecast for that day. We were enjoyed the landscape of wheat field when suddenly, the rain came: omg!.


Then after took many photos like choco crunch advertisement (:P), we walked fast to the castle which was faar away from the bus stop. Could you imagine to walk on the edge of the beach street with that kind of weather without any umbrella? We thought to back home when we  finally saw that fabulous castle.


“6 pounds please” ask the castle officer when we arrived. We paid and explored the castle. It was fun to read the history, imagined what happened on this castle when it’s still operated, took many pictures, touch the stones, and just did the personal observation.


The site on which the Castle sits has been inhabited since Pictish times (5000 BC to 700 AD) although an exact date is not known.

The importance of the site to the Picts stems from their religion, believed to be akin to Druidism, and which worshiped masculinity, femininity and nature spirits. The site of the Castle and the surrounding area has a strong feminine nature and symbology, which at Dunnottar takes the form of the “green lady”. The spirit of the green lady has been seen in the brewery at the Castle.  She is said to be looking for her “lost children” who are the Picts who converted from her religion to Christianity around the 5th Century AD.

The name Dunnottar stems from the Pictish word “Dun” which means hill fort or place of strength. – Early History,

The rain became so heavy which made us decided to go home. Before that, we tried the famous fish and chips at The Bay. We assumed we could just sit there, ate fish and chips while wait for the rain to stop. But, once more we’re wrong. The Bay only provides the take away food :O. So, with the wet clothes, cold body (I mean really cold brrr), we bought that foods, and ate the fish and chips in the bus stop (by the way Efrin tried the ice cream and it was good also). The fish and chips was really delicious!, I would back for sure!. It’s a unforgettable memory for us to eat the foods in the unusual place like bus stop + heard the funny humor from Yudha haha!. It also became a lesson for us to check the weather forecast + the sit availability in the restaurant. Oh it’s so important! However, even though we’re wet, cold, and kind of regretted came here in that day, it didn’t matter since we’re together and still had a precious memory right? :’)


Thank you guys! – Aghnia Amalia Septiany


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