Family <3

Patung Surabaya


Back then to PK-36 10-15 September, I found these people are wonderful:) we never been the most excited group, we never been the noisy one, we never look like the solid one, but we knew we did:) we created the unforgettable pantomime as well as shadow dancing contemporary performance with the best that we could did, so that we got so many positive respond from the others.

You know that I was not a good team leader: I was very chatty, wishy-washy and emotional. Then with this post, I just want to apologize for all of the bad thing that I have done and tell you that I am really proud to be part of this group. Six days with all of you are the precious time for me and I am really thankful for that:)

Hope that we’ll meet again someday, good luck for us in our further study!

Mas Adian, Ditta, Galuh, Jason, Ainur, Mila, Riefqi, Nanda, Mas Mulia, Nindya, Putri, Mas Rendra, Mas Zico, Om Ojido, Anis, thank you so much, really love you and miss you!!

Your former pretty (:P) coordinator – Aghnia Amalia Septiany


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