The Beauty of Indonesia

PCG Trip !

It’s about two weeks ago when my friend, asked me to join him in his Ujung Kulon trip with his company’s friend. There was two slot ready, and after my call, my sweet friend: kak Ade confirmed that she could also joined this trip Yeayyy!. So at friday night 10pm, we and the team started to go from Wisma Mulia as our assembly point.


(gapapa deh even merem huahah)

Honestly, I was surprised with the number of team, it was 24 of people, and I never went to the trip at that so many members. I thought it would be my first unpleasant trip (lebay huahhaa) but I was absolutely wrong, since they were all nice and funny:)

We divided to four cars, and I was surprised they used ‘they car’ (speechless huahah). We went as a convoy to the village, talked, sang and then felt a little sleep at the captain house, such a satisfactory sleep (teteup).

At the morning, we sailed with the captain boat to the Peucang island, and done the forest tracking for about more than 3 hours. I walked with the guide at the front of the team, I was excited about the beauty of the forest around me, there were so many deers, birds, pigs, big trees and other plants and animals. After walked about 1.5 hours finally we saw the famous cliff, lalala yeyeye!


Then after one hour later, we walked back to the boat and went to the next spot: Savana of Bison. This was quite embarrassing since we didn’t know how to differentiate between cow and actual bison, in that place, the bison’s shape was really similar with cow. So we walked quietly close to the bison, took few photos, still couldn’t find the bison’s character and asked our guide: Pak were they really Bison?. You know what, we shouldn’t ask that meaningless question when he answered proudly: No, they were all cow, could you see the male ones? we called them Bison:). PZZZZZ, we shocked and speechless-ed, our whole life was a liee! (zaldy said, huahahhah), anyway, the photos were quite good (menghibur diri sendiri).



Followed this, we went snorkeling and sailed to Handeleum (cmiiw) island for slept. This island was quite good, it had so many deers, and beautiful landscape, I was in love at the first sight with its morning scenery!


At Sunday morning, we were canoeing to at the island’s river, I heard some random of animal’s sounds and excited when it felt like tiger sounds Rrawrrr!(penting gila mihihi)


And we continued to snorkeling for the twice last time. Actually the sea’s currents were big but I thought it was still good for swimming. So I swam further from the team, further and further, I seized the opportunity to catch plenty of pretty fishes with my eyes and I founded many of them, many, many, many of them yeayy! (I didn’t have the underwater cam, so just kept it in my long term memory *kayakpunya mihihi).


After spent our time at the two of snorkeling spots, we sailed back to the village, took a bath and went back to Jakarta. Closed with the meals at alun-alun Pandeglang, finally the trip was over.. (hiks hiks).

At this time, I wouldn’t say much more besides thank you for all you who made this trip such a great trip. Kak Maul as one of the trip organizer who asked me to join, kak ade as the sweetest friend, kak zaldy for the photos and driving, mufti for the driving, singing and night talking haha, luqman who’re really friendly, kak ifan, sigit, mba le, kak gugel, iman, kak diana, tata, anin, kak tulus, indi and the team, thank you thank you and see you for the next destination 😉


your new and chatty comer, Aghnia Amalia Septiany


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