Special Moment

Finally they bonded! :’)

Jakarta, 26 January 2014

She read those words carefully in the ball. White paper which filled by bunch of prayers that addressed to her parent. Really beautiful and sad at once. They hug, couldn’t hold the tears any longer. Their only daughter is going to have another family. And that is: today.

4 Hours Ago,
I heard that someone knocked out the door. I moved my head right to the clock and panic. Its 5 o’clock and we loose the taxi. omg!. We directly run to downstairs after dress preparation, and luckily, the second taxi that we booked was waiting there:9

2 Hours Ago,
‘what colors that you prefer for your eyes?’ the makeup women asked me after she put many things in my face.
‘whatever’ I answered while sleepy
‘the veil style?’
‘like this?’
‘hmm i don’t think its good maybe like this, or like this or..’
‘or whatever hoamm’
After few minutes she finally finished with mine. Too bulky for me but I really appreciated her hard work. Thank you mba:)


(first shoot: kak al – lare – jinny – indah – aghnia)


(second shoot udah mulai kacau huahahha)


(narsis dikit ahahahha)

11.00 – the official time

Findy said that me and jinny will accompanying her in delivering her farewell words for her parents. In that time we really moved by those moments while other audiences watching her husband making a sacred statement that changes every single thing in her life, its already officiaaal yeaay! Congrats findy!


(super zooom)

13.00 – the reception

We’re kind of busy in taking many photos in findy’s wedding ballroom. The decoration was really beautiful with full of night stars in the ceiling. There were some vintage properties that spread along such us white trees, old chair and wardrobe with flowers, etc etc that makes the big room look homey.



I was in the old chair while suddenly I remember my other task. Hurried up to godownstairs with jinny, findy and her families already waited for us :O:O We went together with them to ballroom accompanied by a traditional dance that led by findy’s aunty. Great dance aunty!

Then we’re eat a lot, met with our friends, laughing, and watching findy’s singing with her husband. (actually I don’t know the song haha). After that we took some selfie pictures with the new couple hihi

IMG_4174[1] IMG_4175[1]

I don’t know how to say the sweet words, but I’m really happy for you dol…, you are my best friend since the first year in university. I remember when your love story begin, how you had a lot of discussion before made that serious decision in tree house, or in McD though I’m slept (haha:P), or in bebek dipati ukur:9, etc etc, how you kept maintained your long distance relationship, how you prepared every single thing in your wedding, and finally this day is coming as your door to open the new chapter in your life.

Congratulations doll, whishing you have a great marriage life a head, and live happily ever after with your husband:’)


Your best friend,

Aghnia Amalia Septiany


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