Special Moment

Perfect Antithesis

Love is a hardwork – ANR

People around me mostly said that if the two persons have the same face, the same hobby, favorite foods etc.. etc.. or even the same favorite genre in music they have found their soul mate. They said theoretically people who have similarity in certain things will be stick together. There is an untouchable magnet that pulled them out without they realize. They said that similarity is a sign of imperishability that they would be: a beautiful gift. But there always be an exception for every single thing, and unfortunately that theory never work for me and Ajo.

I knew we were different since the first time we met. In that time I thought the difference was only from our background, where he born and lived, his culture (he’s from Sumatra and I’m java which explained all the things), how old was he, etc etc.. then when we went more far to our favorites and hobbies a few weeks later I also didn’t find any match, I love travelling, he just love to be in his home studying or sleeping, our film genre: I love adventure movie, he loves comedy and history, music, etc, etc even he really loves sponge bob that I never know why everyone laughing on that cartoon+_+. Then we went further, different characteristic, news opinion, never have the same favorite foods, I love ketchup and he really hates that seasoning, he just love the traditional food from his hometown, further, different favorites game application, books, fashion style, further, further until one year to now I’m still wondering, is there any similarity between us?

Early from our relationship I and Ajo try one of mine or his favorite food alternatively in order to go to the same restaurant together but after several times, we felt tired. He never loves ketchup and I never love his taste. Then the deal comes to buy our favorite foods and eats together at his place. For other differences for example news opinion, we usually take one hour arguing our statement, both I and Ajo are really stubborn. We don’t want to lose from each other and because he’s really smart I’m the one who always become a loser +_+. The middle way to make me not being upset is how he try to accept my opinion or let me win the battle (We’ve been playing monopoly games for almost 5 hours because nobody didn’t want to lose, he closed the game with let me won:9). And for the things like the movie, when he always sleeps in cinemas that playing my favorites and I’m always laughing in watching his serious history movies then we decrease our cinema’s schedule replaced by download and watching it alone by our self but sat the same time haha. So many things that made me speechless from these middle-way finding.

So what made us enjoy such a difficult relationship? Back to the first quotes from my friend: ‘Love is a hard work’. We must try together to reach what we called happiness. How we keep our fidelity, communication, trust, how we support each other, sharing, feeling or everything. The differences become meaningless when we see the one that we love is trying hard too:). Even we are often arguing, it never takes a long time to understand each other because finally I realize that we have very one important similarity: the feeling of having each other, and that’s closed  my perfect antithesis story:9

Aghnia Amalia Septiany


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