My Small Thoughts

The Gadget Journey

Sorry for the random post, I must do something in spending my ‘can’t sleep’ time, maybe a little story about my gadget history. Here we go..

NOKIA 3100

It feels like yesterday when my mother for the first time asked me to buy a pocket telephone in my second year of secondary school. She said that it’s really useful for contacting me if I go out with my friends and tell her when I’ll back home. Then my father gave me my first handphone, Nokia 3100 dark blue edition about 700 thousand rupiah in Jakarta. Pocket telephone, is that important? Well in that time, I don’t think so because I spent almost my secondary school just in two places, home and school. And this handphone, only used in two weeks before I put it back in the box. (my little sister then used this phone after her phone broken).

NOKIA 6300


Actually this belongs to my old sister. But because she had new phone she gave this to me in my first year of college. I really loved this phone; it had a comfortable button to push on, good camera, clear sound, etc etc.. I thought that I won’t change to another phone until the new trend coming up. So this phone survived only one year, being sold by my old sister.


90% of my faculty friend used this phone. It’s absolutely easier to share information among blackberry user. How about non-user? Of course they’re always late in getting the recent updates of many important collage things news, such as change in exam schedule, group task etc.. etc.. Then in my second year, I forced to use this phone. I never really like my blackberry.. I don’t like and used to texting too much, updating status or instant social networking stuff like that, I’m more enjoying myself meet directly with friends actually. This phone being used only for two years before I met my Siberi:D


Thin, light and simple, that’s why I love this phone. Not because its brand, its price or its popular design, I chose this since firstly came out with 3G edition, 4G, 4s, and waiting until 5 editions where I can bought it with my own salary. We even named it with Siberi ‘a dinosaurs which has unforgettable smile’ ahahaha. No need to tell much, finally I’ve found my best gadget. Too early to claim this will be my last, well, we’ll see later;)

:3:D:’) – Aghnia Amalia Septiany


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