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Life after graduation…

I don’t know which part shall do I start. But maybe better to begin from the days which I spent in my home reading books and practice a little bit of GMAT. The days after I’m officially got my bachelor degree. In that time I’m just focus on chasing my first career and once a week come to Bandung or Depok in meeting with my project’s friends. Not a long time after that, I’ve got called from an oil & gas company from France, to work on the biggest island in Indonesia: Kalimantan. Then on November 20th I flew to Balikpapan and officially starting my next adventure: first career journey!

Balikpapan for me is a quiet peaceful city with its –not so many people like in Java island- amount of people. It has a strategic location near the sea which many years ago founded has an oil and gas natural resources to be explored and indirectly  made its economy developed gradually. Many of my friends really want to work on Jakarta, but for me, even I’m flexible with the location, I prefer to try another city. Not just because I love new places, or because life in Jakarta is really not my style where you can spend your entertainment’s money for going to the mall or watching movie (I choose to spend that for backpacking absolutely), but also because its terrible traffic jam and dirty weather (I don’t know how to handle that since I spent my childhood in a small city without that things+_+)

Actually this is my second time going to this city. Previously I stayed in one of my senior high school best friends, Angling. I watched a movie, ate so many delicious seafood near the beach and Japanese food on Kaizeki, in Blue Sky Hotel with her family. Now I’m back for work, the same city but different aim:)

Here I stayed in one of best convenience Hotel which has built at 40 years ago: Blue Sky Hotel, 10 minutes from my office. I met with other nice ten peoples in my team, and three of them are my friends from SBM: vira (my roommate) and arief. Everyday our friendly office driver drives us to the office at 07.15 a.m then pick up us back to the hotel at 05.30 p.m.

Begin to work is actually something weird for me. I’m still twenty, and felt like yesterday when I’m entering my university then now I must face with the new contract, new systems, new schedule and the most important is new REAL company consisted by new REAL professional people with the REAL case which previously just I read from books or internet. Actually I’m still wondering, God can I do this? Working with those many tasks in just 5 days a week? Can I satisfy my company? Why I’m difficult to do this?, and other questions that spin around my mind. But my friend ever told me that work is such having a boyfriend, you just want to do that because you like him, make a strong promise and committed to him. In the middle you will face your relationship become stronger or maybe weaker, but it’s the flow that colorizes your relationship. All you must do is keep your promise and try to always make your relationship become stronger and stronger until your both goals happened. In work we’ll also do because we like that job, and committed to it. Of course we’ll also facing so many problems, but just enjoy it and try to keep your promise which your company given to you. Then your career objective will be reached gradually.

Now I’m really enough to think those questions anymore. Just do and be grateful about what God has given to me. I’ll try to work with the best that I can do and never let my boss disappointed by me.  I believe that happiness, like one of Javanese quotations, always has its value. If you want your goals reached and being happy, you must fight for it, as hard as you can. What makes human is so special? Because when they try hard to reach their dreams, God will see that and that dreams will always be reached, whatever it shapes:) Then I hope I can enjoy everything that will happen with my big smile and a strong believe to myself that I can do it!

Good luck for me!

a new comer- Aghnia Amalia Septiany


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