Family <3

End of the road..

People come and go..

Clearly I know that. I know actually human is an adventurer, who’ll meet so many new peoples, spending so many new things together, make close relationship etc etc and then when the time to go has come, like a run out hourglasses, they will go, starting the new cycle.

Maybe, I’ll never really miss them. I can call them anytime that I want. But time, time when I’ve doing something with them in a certain condition, certain feeling, certain place, certain happiness, are all about what will I miss the most. So time, is the main actor.

Sometimes when we haven’t enough to know someone or friends, he/she suddenly go with or without a saying goodbye. It can also be a reverse situation which we who leave them. No reason, no decision, no appointment but just go because it’s the time.

Yesterday when I took a newspaper in front of my house from the newsman, I’m surprised that there stood a different person. Then I asked my father who telling about his death. You know, he was our newsman since firstly we moved here many years ago. The one with his special sound of his Vespa, everyday bring us that newspaper at 7 a.m., without forgetting to give his big smile. The one who looks happy with his job, for me he’s not just an ordinary newsman. But now he’s gone, before I’m able to say my thanks, and a smiling reply. Six years ago the last time I seen him, was that so fast?

Growing old means you will find more peoples who go and more peoples who come to your life. Then I’ve found my neighbors both in here and in my village, few my old friends, my father/mother relatives who ever talked to me were not here anymore. And the worst part was again, I haven’t spent enough time with them.

In 20 October I’ve graduated from my university. ITB is a quite lovely campus:


many trees, many friends, many laughs, many-many-many happy moments in this place. I remembered three years ago when I firstly came to Bandung, entered my first empty space room which became crowded with many photos adhered on the wall.

Have no friends beside my five senior high school friends who in different room location and faculty which became many new friends. Have an awkward feeling when interact with boys which became a usual feeling. Scare to go in the night which became a routine. Studied so many things, evicted because of late, got a high and low score, met many great peoples, overnight in working the task,sleep in the class, panic with the difficult exam,

tried to being active in organizations, meeting until morning, tried to follow many events,

falling in love, made a new business, tried being a private teacher, tried to internship in a state owned company, tried the summer school, tried to backpacking,

tried to made an international journal, tried so many delicious foods, beautiful places, watched many movies, had a sweet birthday, made a surprised and being surprised and many others.  Every day was so happy spending time with them… We made more fun days before the graduation but still not enough for me.

Then again, our time to go was finally came; even we cry when we released that wall photos one by one, and gave our room key to other student, even we don’t want to leave this campus, even we don’t want to separate with our friends, even we want God to stop the time; this was the ending of our university chapter to start the new chapter. Maybe some of us choose the same company, some of us choose to study abroad, some of us make a new business and some of us choose the different way but we’ve ever meet in the same road right? And we’ve bunched with a many happy moments that won’t being forgotten.

Cause somewhere down the road, our roads are gonna cross again. It doesn’t really matter when- Eko

It’s been a great three years… Thank you so much and goodbye friends, goodbye almamater, goodbye Bandung:’) You will always have a place in my heart:’) Happy graduation for us! Remember what Soekarno said in Indonesia Tenggelam?

Sekali teman, tetap teman!!

And that will we be:)

Your SBM ITB friend, 19009145 – Aghnia Amalia Septiany


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