Let’S beat the 42 degrees!

Actually the conference took three days, but because all of us got the presentation in first day so we don’t need to come on the next days;) (except for the lunch:9).

Sarah’s father rented the van car for us to travel around Bangkok city (thank you papanya sarah:). Our first destination was Grand Palace! Lets go!

If there is one must-see sight that no visit to Bangkok would be complete without, it’s the dazzling, spectacular Grand Palace, undoubtedly the city’s most famous landmark. Built in 1782 – and for 150 years the home of the Thai King, the Royal court and the administrative seat of government – the Grand Palace of Bangkok is a grand old dame indeed, that continues to have visitors in awe with its beautiful architecture and intricate detail, all of which is a proud salute to the creativity and craftsmanship of Thai people. Within its walls were also the Thai war ministry, state departments, and even the mint. Today, the complex remains the spiritual heart of the Thai Kingdom. – Bangkok.com

Actually this palace was soooo beautiful! I never saw the really beautiful temple such this! It’s a must saw place in Bangkok!

261944_3889295746742_1212156764_n 429238_3889230625114_2023965469_n

But our energy was spent faster by the super-hot-weather+_+ one hour more its enough for us to take a walk around and made many pictures before running to the van car again to feel the air conditioner ahahhaa. Then we trapped by Bangkok traffic jammed and fell a sleep. Our stamina suddenly back when we entered the pratunam market to buy the souvenirs.

Then Sarah’s father treat us with the one of the most delicious seafood restaurant in Bangkok. This restaurant was fulled by foreigners. We ordered tom-yam, bawal fish, squid, kale, etc, etc which made us fulled and got a nice slept. Before that we laughed a lot in playing the card. Thank you so much girls and specially for papanya sarah!:D


a must diet woman – Aghnia Amalia Septiany


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