ขอขอบคุณคุณ !

If you’ll go to Thailand, just bring one clothes in your bag, because when you’re back, you’ll bring many clothes that you’ve bought in there – Kak Alida’s friend

Only after three days we stayed in Bangkok has made us really like this country. Everything is soo cheap (especially the clothes and foods). You’ll find many shops that offer the clothes just around 100 bath (Rp 30.000) in the market. The foods is also cheaper 3 until 4 times than Indonesian price, for the example, febie and me tried the big dairy queen ice cream which has price around Rp. 40.000-50.000 in Indonesia but in Thailand you’ll get just in around tens thousand rupiah. The famous cheapest market is Catuchak market where near the Mo Chit station. This day we spent with exploring the market, and surprised that so many people bring the empty suitcase to fill with the cheap clothes to be sold in their origin country with the high price. Then we went back to Novotel to get our lunch by BTS.


After that we saw one random Thai artist in the shops. I thought if he’s in Indonesia he’ll be full surrounded by his fans. ckckck


We continued to explore MBK mall near Siam Paragon where Via and Febie bought so many famous football player t-shirt. They told me this t-shirt quality was really good, but has a cheapest price rather than any other places.


Then we hurry back to hotel to check out, than got two taxis to the airport. Before go, we played many card games in the waiting room.


Thank you so much cewek2 buat seru2annya!!. Good bye Bangkok! Thank you for the wonderful experience!! See you when I see you!!

a will back visitor – Aghnia Amalia Septiany


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