Well Done!;)

Bangkok, 4 October 2012

This day was the day when we’ll present our paper. You know, how scary we are after we saw the list of participants, all of them are doctor and professor! and we were not accompanying by any of our supervisor:( The room for our presentation was also sooo official, located in Novotel the high class luxury hotel near siam paragon which made us got a high heart spot+__+ OMG+__+


But there were no reason to step back. With an innocent face we presented our paper and prayed for not-having-any-question (:P:P) for us which almost impossible. Then we took that discussion, answered what we could answered. We also saw many research from other countries which really awesome, although we don’t really understand that. At lunch they asked us where we got our doctor degree and really surprised when they knew that we still an undergraduate level students who came here as Cum laude predicate requirement from our university. (ckckck).



By the way the lunch foods were really great! I never expected that it will be soo many luxury foods at the same time, so many kinds of meats (the lamb chop especially:9), cakes, japanese foods, indian foods, barbeque, desserts, ice cream and many many many more! Well done chef!!

561746_3888738452810_1271750439_n 318958_3888784093951_211024399_n

At night me and sarah went to Madame Tussauds to meet our favorite stars! How amazing;)



Then we took the BTS and went back to hotel. Thank you so much for today girls! Especially for great Novotel chef! Your well done lamb chop! yummyyyy!

a lamb chop lover- Aghnia Amalia Septiany


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