Finally, the time has come..

Bangkok, 3 October 2012

I thought that our journey would be alright without any distraction (actually I have avoiding one potential distraction which will make the road to airport stuck by demonstration with stayed at febie’s home in West Jakarta), we met up, laughed, ate noodles etc..etc..


But it suddenly changed to become a scary journey after we felt that unexpected moving: a high turbulence which made the plane like one of challenging games in the amusement park: up and down, up and down, with a high distance, in few minutes.

Sorry for the inconvenient, this caused by a bad weather…

It looked like a thriller movie when few peoples screaming, closed their eyes, and pray fervently. When I opened the window, I saw many thunderbolt outside. After we passed that black clouds we finally could saw our next destination, well, Hello Bangkok City!


Then we picked up by a van car driver who have called by aya and directly went to our super recommended hotel: Bangkok City Hotel. Why recommended? Because it really have a cheapest price: 1500 bath per night for per person (Rp. 150.000)!! and with that price you will get the comfortable room like a 3 stars hotel quality, delicious breakfast, and really strategic place: near BTS, near siam square, siam paragon, mbk mall with just walking!!.



Then after put our luggage in the room, me, febie and via walked around our hotel and ate the delicious Malaysian curry before we slept. Yummy!

huruf cacing blinded tourist – Aghnia Amalia Septiany


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