Let’s see another side:)

Tokyo, 16 August 2012

Country’s P-r-o-b-l-e-m. This morning we talked about that until afternoon. The first speaker, Bidur Khadka explained us about forest conservation thoroughly reducing emissions from deforestation and degradation. Then continued to the discussion with Tokyo University students about our each country’s problem and how sustainable development worked to solve that. This discussion was also really interesting part of this day which gave me lot of new information about country’s big problem especially deforestation and nuclear problem.


Then in the afternoon we visited to Kyu-Iwasaki Tei, the historical western-style house (3 minutes from Yushima station) and took many photos there 😉




After that, we went to Harajuku to buy the souvenirs. Harajuku is a famous street in Japan which filled by young peoples who wearing the unique fashion style. In this street also had so many fashion shops, foods and souvenirs.Then went back to NYC to dinner and took a shower.


At night me, and kak Nanda suddenly got a great idea! We directly went to Yoyogi Park to find the best place for it:9. Because we’ll leave Japan soon, we must put something in this place to remind us about Japan and our dreams for the future. We decided to make ‘Time Capsule’ which will be opened in 10 years letter! but we will put there tomorrow, the best date which also the date of Indonesian Independence day;) Can’t wait for tomorrow!


a really exciting girl – Aghnia Amalia Septiany


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