Happy Independence Day! My Indonesia

Tokyo, 17 August 2012

Seven days, how could you be so fast?:( I just met my great friend and now I must separated again with them.. *_*. This day was my final presentation day and last day with my friends.. We laughed a lot, hugged a lot, shared many things, and promised will always keep on touch before we leaved the NYC. Actually this was me, kak Nanda and Ais last night in NYC Shibuya, tomorrow we’ll stay on hostel. Although few of my friends still there until 21 August but many of them was leave today. So we made a small farewell session in the class after the final presentation session..




and then we directly went to Indonesian Embassy in Meguro to attend the final flag ceremony but it was too late so we just came to the dinner session*_*. In there we ate so many Indonesian food :9 , met kak Eric who introduced us to the other Indonesian students and the ambassador, Muhammad Lutfi and made a long conversation with him about nuclear industry’s needs in Indonesia. Before we went back to Shibuya, I asked Mr. Lutfi about the best place in Tokyo, he told about Disneyland (of course we know that but it’s really expensive for us to buy the ticket*_*) and suddenly he called his assistant and gave us the free ticket to Disneyland for tomorrow!!! Thank you so much mister!:)



Then we took a train together to go home with Indonesian students. Kak Eric asked us where we’ll stay for tomorrow night?, actually we planned to rent a hostel but we haven’t booked the room yet and suddenly kak Eric said “just stayed in my house guys:) I’ll wait you. It’s better than must paid an expensive price for room in hostel” and it was be our second reasons why we couldn’t stop smiling until we back to NYC to put our time capsule in Yoyogi park and slept:).


This day was full of miracle! thank you sooo much guyss! especially our ESD forum friends, our Indonesian Ambassador, and again for Kak Eric!:) Thank you for making this day was sooo happy:)

just a lucky girl;) – Aghnia Amalia Septiany


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