サようなら (Sayounara) – Selamat Tinggal :’)

Tokyo, 19 August 2012

Its about 3 hours after we slept, kak Eric woke us up to prepare for Idul Fitri prayer in SRIT. He said that there are two times of this prayer (because there are so many Indonesian moeslem that will come to that place) and if we want to get the free Idul Fitri foods early we must hurry to get the first time at 09.00 a.m. So we’re quickly got the bus to SRIT and Alhamdulilah got the first part. This was the first time for me to feel the Idul Fitri abroad and saw sooo many Indonesian moeslem who fulfilled the Meguro, Tokyo street to pray at one place. They looked happy with smile face with their friends and family which made me missed my family also.



After praying and ate, we took our luggage, separated with kak Eric as our nice brother in Japan:’) and went to Odaiba where Miraikan Museum of Science located (we got the free ticket from the forum). Do you remember that place which I stated in the first post of SOJ? Odaiba was the location that I visited at the first day I entered Japan. It’s really beautiful place with Tokyo Bay landscape:). So we took the monorail again and explored the museum:9


This museum was sooo coolll! There were sooo many great knowledge that I could got from this science museum. One day its not enough to learn all the objects of this place. On the first floor we saw Tsunagari (an innovative project in which we can share scientific information with the world through a new form of visual expression, and provides us with “know – ledge” on our planet and our species), and the exhibition.


On the second floor to learn the ‘action’ of things.



And on the third floor to learn the biology and space.


Then with the Odaiba free bus we continued to Venus Fort, to feel the Palette Town (Bianglala) which made us could saw the whole Tokyo :9 then ate in the Italian restaurant in that mall, and went to Haneda Airport.




It was a flashback when we saw our chair to sleep when we first came to this country:( And it was a short time when time for leaving came… This country was gave soo many happy memories to us:) we’re not really leave this country right;) we had our time capsule waiting for us to be opened on 10 years later;). So goodbye for a while Japan! サようなら (selamat tinggal) and ドうも ありがとう ございます ( terima kasih banyak!). I’ll miss you:)


being back as a small point in Indonesia – Aghnia Amalia Septiany



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