Little but much :9

Tokyo, 12 August 2012

First thing in my mind when I entered the Mercedes Benz Connection Tokyo in our company visit was: one day I must be a rich woman to buy this car :9. This office was designated to approaching costumer about Merceded Benz brand with full of amazing luxury car, merchandises, and cafe. We couldn’t get ourselves to take photos with the car before got the explanation about the interesting of this office story and how it works.

Then we found the National Art Museum near that place and entered the exhibition.

In the afternoon, we met really great Professor which made Blue Economy theory–Prof. Gunter Pauli and Bernd Nurnberger with his everyday sustainability topics.They really smart and great speakers but I really apologized that I could’t handle my self to sleep+_+ Prof. Gunter Pauli found me and quipped with the nice story about Sweden class temperature which made me shy.. haha I’m sorry Prof..

Then me, Bisma, Afif and kak Nanda went to Sekolah Republik Indonesia (SRIT) to take tarawih pray. While we confused about the direction suddenly someone called us and guided us to the place. His name was kak Eric (Indonesian too) who had stayed in Japan for a long time and also wanted to pray on SRIT. He said that we’re lucky because every Sunday in Ramadhan SRIT gives the free food for peoples. After we ate, we talked for a while with Indonesian students and continued to Tokyo Tower with kak Eric (he wanted to help us with the direction again as guide;) . In subway after we told kak Eric about our trip to Kyoto kak Eric said that he had go there by walking and got some weird but fun experiences (by walk? I really can’t imagine :O:O). Then before we separated, he gave us the Japanese letter shirt which he bought from Tokyo Tower. (how nice you are to us kak:’) So thank you so much all friends, Prof, and especially kak Eric for making this day so wonderful!. Our meeting my be just a little short meeting but it means much for me:’)

a sleepy girl – Aghnia Amalia Septiany


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