Five places in one day? Why not;)

Tokyo, 14 August 2012

Fyuh… Me, Ais and kak Nanda got lost again..we had walked around Meiji Shrine as our meeting point but no one there because we’re late*_* So we decided to give up and went to another place but suddenly our friend called us to go back to Meiji Shrine. We’re really shy because when we came, the shrine guard said to us that he waited us from morning with the smile face (gomenasai:(). Then we saw the dance prayer which really amazing.

After that we went to Meiji Shrine museum to learn the history (Its a wonderful history).

Then got a Tokyo University tour from Hide (actually is his university). Tokyo University was the highest rank university in Japan and also in Asia, I hope that one day I can study in this university also:) The building and the environment of this university was so comfortable to stay and study:9

Buy souvenirs in Akihabara This place is full of anime, electronics, fashion, and souvenirs. Some of my friends tried the maid cafe and others just walking around to see the cheapest souvenirs shop. I almost bought many things at one shop when suddenly an Indonesian man came to us and invited us to his friends souvenir’s shop which has the lower price. Without doubt we directly went to that place and bought many souvenirs. (how lucky we are!;)

At night me, Ais, Tegar and Handri played at Nobita’s park and tried the sling :9 and bought some foods before went home. Thank you so much for today guyss! especially for Hide in accompany us to Tokyo University tour.. Arigato Gozaimashita:’) and for the Indonesian man who told us the cheapest souvenir.. terima kasih bapak:)

then being a footsore girl *_* – Aghnia Amalia Septiany


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