聞かせは、高速移動 = Let’s move fast!

Little bit Kyoto and Tokyo, 10 August 2012

This was really been an hectic day! Starting with at 08.00 when Yama called me to eat the so many kind of Japanese delicious traditional food at Ryokan when my eyes still was not fully opened (hoahmmm just slept for about 3 hours).

Then we must chose what temple that we should visit before we came back to Tokyo to attend the introduction of our forum. Because we didn’t have any time left we chose Fushimi Inari in southern of Tokyo to see the Bamboo Forest. But how poor we were when that forest was about 4 km from the main temple remains that our time were really limited we just walking around that main area. We really felt grateful when we saw the popular 1000 red gates of Fushimi Inari:)

The torii gates at this country’s ubiquito us shrines are considered by some to be the defining symbol of Japan. KS ventures through the gateway into
their magical world -Matthew Coslett
After 10 minutes we took photos, we hurry went to train station to pick up our luggage then went to shinkansen!! (Yama-chan had bought that very famous and expensive ticket train in Japan :O:O, because we must arrived at Tokyo in evening and that most rapid train was the best choice;) Shinkansen was really-really fast! I felt just slept for a while when suddenly I had arrived in Tokyo:O The interior was also luxury like in the plane. (and the machinist also handsome too:p).
Then Yama accompanied us to find the National Youth Memorial Center (NYC) where we’ll lives until 17 August. He promised he will pick up us again in the 17 August at 01.00 p.m. Sayonara for a while Yama:)
In NYC we directly met friendly friend from Sweden, Japan, Italy, Australia, Germany, Mexico and also from Indonesia to attend the introduction. After that we took a shower at public bath (again +_+), walked around NYC and slept because was so tiring.. Thank you so much for today guyss:’)
a girl who can felt her leg anymore – Aghnia Amalia Septiany

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