The beautiful historical city, Kyoto :)

In Kyoto,
hearing the cuckoo,
I long for Kyoto. -Basho
Kyoto, 09 August 2012

Today I’m so happy… Although I didn’t got a good sleep in bus because the woman in front of me was so messy throwing the chair and made my legs sick+_+ After we arrived at Kyoto, we put our luggage at Ryokan ( a Japanese traditional house), and then went to Kinkokuji temple, the famous golden temple in Kyoto (how amazing!).

Then we took bus to Nijo castle where shogun, samurai met to plan the Kyoto protection as the Japanese previous capital city,and to Ginza, the location of Kiyomizudera temple (because we’re so tired, we stopped to travel and go home. On this day, I tried to use Yukata (a traditional Japanese summer clothes), I didn’t care when everybody looked weird at my veil:p


In 5.00 p.m we back to Ryokan and took a bath. This is a first time for me to try the Japanese public bath. We’re lucky when just one woman in that bath. So we didn’t too shy in entering the warm water which was soo relaxing:9.

After that we ate so many sushi (I forgot the restaurant name) in really crowded place and the taste is sooo delicious:9,

then back to Ryokan, took photo with pajamas yukata, watched the Olympics game in television and go sleep. This day is I’m sooo tired but happy! Thank you so much guys:*

an exciting tourist:) – Aghnia Amalia Septiany


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