Moshi-moshi, Japan!:)

Haneda Airport, Tokyo, 8 August 2012

Oh God.. we hadn’t prepared how to get to Tokyo center after we arrived at the Haneda Airport. Bisma, our friend who had came to Japan one day earlier, said that he will pick up us but our phone is totally died!. We must found the electrical power for Ais blackberry to call Bisma (just Ais blackberry which will be active at Japan) and we found it in the smoking room:(. (how poor we were because the smoking room was so full of smoke and no one of us who okay with that+_+). so we took a turn to keep Ais blackberry but its took so long to charge that+_+. It was so slow loading.. we almost gave up when suddenly Bisma came and said “kalian kemana aja sih aku cariin kemana2” zzzzzz soo anti climax+_+. He said we will sated at Abah (ITB alumni) house tonight but there were no bus anymore:( and offered us to stay at hotel for 6000 Yen per night+_+. Me, kak Nanda and Ais who still shock, were quiet for a while and said no, because its too expensive to sleep for 6 hours (we have itinerary at 07.00 to go to fish market). Then Bisma quickly went and said “ya udah besok ketemu disini lagi ya” and ran to the last bus so fast, leaving us +_+.

This was the first time for me, kak Nanda and Ais to sleep at the airport :O:O. before we slept, we bought Onigiri (so expensive, really small but the price is 105 yen = 13.000 rupiah), my first Japanese food) in Lawson, prayed in the nursery room, tried the sophisticated Japanese toilet (many button in the toilet:O),and slept at the airport chair.

We just slept for two hours but he didn”t come:( so we waited until 09.00 a.m, went to information center to find him, tried to call with the international phone, twitter, sms, but he didn’t reply. Because its too late from itinerary we decided to not depend on Bisma and took a train to Shinjuku to buy a bus ticket to Kyoto (our planning for tomorrow). Suddenly Bisma called Ais and told us he was sleeping+_+ zzzz then we together bought the Kyoto bus ticket for tonight with Yamamoto (Bisma friend from Japan), (actually we had one more friend named Afif but he couldn’t follow us to go to Kyoto because he came at 22.30 and there would be no bus/train anymore from Haneda to Shinjuku).


After that we went to the Imperial Palace and saw how big the garden is, but we weren’t allowed to enter the main building. Then went to Ginza to but Yoshinoya (rice with meat), ate the Yoshinoya in Odaiba.


Odaiba located in the southern of Tokyo (Tokyo bay). I’m really really loved this place! We must took the monorail (the amazing upstairs train) and could saw the beautiful Tokyo bay!. Then we took photos at rainbow bridge and New York Liberty statue! How amazinggg! The place was sooo wonderful! Me and kak Nanda finally had a chance to threw the small stone like in Japanese drama:p One hour later we ate Yoshinoya together (the taste was soo delicious)! And took the jumping photo. Everything was wonderful at Odaiba. I promised to bring my family here later. When we took the monorail again to back to the center of Tokyo, I’m lucky to get the most favorite spot in that train. Yama-chan said I got the miracle because that chair was so hard to get. I could saw the beautiful Tokyo at night! Then we took our luggage in Shinjuku station and went to the bus terminal to go to Kyoto. Thank you for today kak Nanda, Ais, Bisma and specially Yama-chan!





A girl who can sleep anywhere and Odaiba real lover – Aghnia Amalia Septiany


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