Starting point..

Finally I have chance to write this story, after all the days that I spent on that great country, the State of Japan, I can’t wait any longer after I’m back to my home at 13 hours ago. So this is when the adventure begins…

Soekarno Hatta Airport, Indonesia, 7 August 2012

I didn’t know how to describe my feeling. I’m really sad when in this morning I had a little bit slack with my mother and father about who accompanied me to the airport. I knew they cared about me but I didn’t want to make them tired because it’s far from my city and the only one transportation was just with buses+_+. So after a long conversation, finally just my father and dek icha who followed me to the airport. Its sad when before you go to the faraway place you had slack especially with your own family:(. But when kak Nanda and Ais came not a long time after I arrived at the airport my feeling suddenly changed. I really exciting with the new things that I could got in the two weeks after!:) Japan is my favorite country since I watched Dorameon when I’m still in five years old and I really wanted to learn their adorable culture and technology when I continuing follow their drama, and manga. Directly I text my mother to forgive me and made a long conversation with Ais and kak Nanda about our trip plannig (actually we have made the ittenerary) in the airport waiting room and take off at 08.35 morning. Goodbye for a while, Indonesia! See you on 20 August:)



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