Special Moment

Not just a beautiful day:D

Niaaaa, kamu di Bandung ga? besok masak-masak yukkk:3

Received that message from kak ade after my afternoon sleeping was made a curve line on my lips. Cooking at that final project stuck-ing time: sounds great:D moreover kak alida and kak mirna also join this activity. and when I told them that I’ll bring my camera they just so exciting and directly change our cooking time became ‘pretty cooking time’:D (Girls will know that;). So in the morning we bought the ingredients for our recipe (actually kak ade recipe;) at superindo dago, playing ddr (dance-dance revolution) with kak alida for a while (ahahhahah super hectic mainnya kita kak:D), and took angkot to kak mirna house at setiabudi..

Do you know how to make the delicious spaghetti? In this post I’d tell you with Master ade recipe;). First you must prepare the ingredients which are: one pack Spaghetti, one pack mincemeat, 2 spoons chili sauce, 1 spoon tomato sauce, 2 big onion (slice to the small pieces), half pack cheese (grated), little spoon of salt & sugar, and one small pack of full cream milk. Then boiled the spaghetti, cook the spaghetti sauce (union, mincemeat, chili & tomato sauce, onion, cheese salt & sugar, and milk). Then pour it to the spaghettiπŸ™‚ Really easy right!;)

Eating is the best part of this day!:3 Kak mirna has prepared a spot in her garden for our picnic, and prepared others lunch compliment: 3 big snack, coca cola and french fries (i think I’ll be more fat:O:O) when we eating our too many lunch:9 I took photos of them:)

Because our spot was surrounding by trees, plants and flower, kak ade taught me how to took photo with one of flower. I think i must be a full-woman sometimes and kak ade is a really beautiful and feminine woman:) so i tried this style…

and failed+_+ (kak alida laugh at me ahahhaha) how different from kak ade face+_+

(give up to try that style). Then we ate the not-delicious ice cream (hoekkk, but it’s so addictive), laughing, sharing stories (again), watching tv (because so hot to stay outside in a long time), and went home. Being around these unique, pretty, and great-mother-to-be girls was made me so happy:) thank youu kakak-kakak:*

a food & ddr lovers – Aghnia Amalia Septiany :9


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