The Beauty of Indonesia

Spontanity = Fun!

Sometimes when I’m bored in working my final project, I used to call my friends to eat or to go to someplace that we never come which usually not far from my university. But that day, we do something different, called Random-ityπŸ˜€

Firstly me, kak ade, and kak mirna met in Ciwalk to buy books, then we went to PVJ to play ice skatingπŸ˜€ (actually I’m not good in this sport but I really like it:) This is my second time I try to skate on ice (two month ago with astrid, febi, ayi, falen, & yudis), and first time for kak ade and kak mirna, so we learned slowly, really carefully (we very afraid of falling), with shame face because the children around us was really good in skating:O:O.

We planned to continuously learned this sport until kak gustaf suddenly came and invite us to Sari Ater, a place to do hot spring bathing:O Actually me, kak ade, and kak mirna love to do random things and traveling! so without a long consideration, after maghrib prayer, with kak mirna car, and kak gustaf cousin, we directly went to that place:D

Sari Ater was located in Ciater, Kab. Subang, West Java, in the valley Ciater, amid the tea plantations below the Mt. Tangkuban Perahu. This place was familiar for Indonesian people because it was not only used as entertainment place but also gave the health benefit for its visitor (It has Calcium, Magnesium, Chloride, sulfate, Thermo, Mineral, and Hypertherma with high levels of aluminum that are 38.5 equiv per cent, and the acidity is also very high at pH: 2.45). Actually this was my first experience to do hot spring bathing (kak ade, kak gustaf & kak mirna has try this in many times), so I really-really excited!

Sari ater has few pools for bathing, when we arrived, we found the best place but it was filled by two couples (jangan ganggu dua sejoli kata kak gustaf ahahahah), so we walked around this place (it was fulled of people because holiday season), find another good spot called ‘curug jodo’ (#superspeechless aahahaha), changed our clothes and slowly bathing to that pool. Firstly it felt so hot! but in second it felt like you don’t want to leave this pool, because it was soo relaxing:)

(sorry for the night-unclear picture). We bathing in that place for about one and half hours when kak ade asked us to change the pool to the swimming pool. The temperature in swimming pool was too hot! me, kak mirna and kak ade just can bath on the edge of pool with a half body. We can imagine how strong they are who swim on this super hot water like this+_+ (kak gustaf and ari do that:O:O)

Then after the next one hour we felt really hungry, so we took a bath, change our clothes and tried to find a restaurant. In the mid of our way, suddenly kak gustaf stopped the car at the place where we can see the whole Bandung! how amazing!

Then we ate the delicious grilled fish on punclut and went home. Before that kak gustaf did crazy driving to dago.. super fast and super shocking situation! (omg, it felt like halilintar in dufan+_+). Me and kak mirna then stayed for night in kak ade room because it was 01.00 a.m and shared the funny story. Thank you soo much for your time kak ade, kak mirna, kak gustaf and ari!! This was the very relaxing time in the mid of my final project;) Can’t wait for the next random thing!

Now become fans of hot spring water – Aghnia Amalia Septiany


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