The Beauty of Indonesia

Kiluan! Another heaven:)

I see the dolphin in the morning, they jump and spin around:D – Ardian Fznt

Do you remember the four boys that I told in the previous post that me and kak Alida met in Karimunjawa?. Yes, in this trip we’re being together again (also with kak Ali and Lare:) to explore one of the best bay of Indonesia, Teluk Kiluan๐Ÿ™‚

At the long-long time ago when Kingdom of Majapahit was fell and Islam period entered Indonesa, there lives an immigrant that has a very high miracle. His name was Raden Mas Arya from Batam or Malacca. Because of his power is not invincible, he can tell when his death will arrive. One day Raden Mas Arya challenged by a local resident who is very good at martial arts. Knowing his end would come in the hands of his challengers, Raden Mas Arya asked to buried on an island, named Kiluan (Lampung language) which means it is ‘requested’.

Kiluan bay is located in Lampung, South Sumatra. It took almost 7.5 hours from Bakauheni to Kiluan with the 1,5 hours in the most difficult road. (right Kak yan & kak sido?:O). This bay is famous with the beautiful white sand, landscape and rich of biodiversity such as Hawksbill, Siamang, hoops, Honey Bear, Slow Loris, and of course Dolphin! the main purposed of our adventure:)

Travelling to Killuan was almost tired (even I didnt drive:p). The road was really broken and winding because it passed the highlands. We must drunk Antimo, the medicine in order to avoid the motion sickness. We also had problem in finding toilet to take a bath. We must waited until we saw the mosque. There were few other problems that we faced, but together is easier right?:D And we was quickly forgot that things when finally, we saw that bay, the Great Bay!


Kiluan bay is sooo beautiful! it beach has 5 colors begin with their white sand, orange, red, green and than blue at the sea:) (you can see how clean it is from the picture:) Then directly we built (actually the boys did:p) the two tent for boys and girls (actually this was my first camping:P) , swimming and saw the sunset:) (galau edition:p) actually in 4 p.m the moon has appeared:O:O so its mean that the sky in Kiluan is so clean!


In the night, we ate noodles, playing UNO (super fun:D), saw the beautiful, clear and bright moon, girls talk, and sleeping. In the morning we’re separated in two small boats (one boat is filled with 4 peoples), took almost two hours from bay to Indian ocean, and met dolphins!! (we can’t take the full dolphins body because the high waves and their fast movement)

I saw around six dolphins which swimming very fun and freely๐Ÿ™‚ย  but I couldn’t see they jump because the bad weather and wave:( (but kak sido, ryan, and dyen see they jump). And it took so long in that small boat that make us finally got motion sickness+_+ so we tried to cover that with singing loudly,and also sunbathing:D


After that, we must take a bath, folded back our tent, and leave Kiluan for the next island. Goodbye Killuan!

The next destination was called Pahawang island. Different with Kiluan, Pahawang Island had a small village, which made our journey more easier. Quickly we met fisherman that can took us to that island, and asked the best spot for camping. Pahawang island famous with its mangrove forest. But our purposed was not explore that forest, we are beach adventurer!:D So, when we arrived in that island, we quickly built our tent (once more boys did:p) and go swimming:)


At night, we playing UNO again, doing truth or truth (talking about our school, love and other things), ate noodles again, saw the bright moon and slept. There were funny things when suddenly rain falls and made us very panic and ran to the empty house. This empty house was really spooky:(, initially I thought that just me who felt it but when I said that, quickly everybody ran back to the tent although the rain had not stop yet (ahahahhah so we all felt that, but no one dare to say:p). Then the rain stopped and we slept again. But in 4 a.m the rain back again which made us crazy with sleepy head moved our things to the empty house again and slept until 11 a.m. (we were not care about that spooky house anymore because we’re soo sleepy zzzz). In the morning kak dyen got the coconut for us:) We really shocked when kak sido said that fisherman told him about the spooky house which has the REAL GHOST:( before us, there were a tourist that took photo and there is a ghost behind them (OMG!! lucky we’re not taking any photos on that house!) then we’re back to Lampung to go home..


So, thank you so much kak dien (the real island child:p) for being our travel leader, kak sydo (the oil batak king:p) for the good driver & funny jokes, kak alii (the ‘mama’ funny voice:p) for the great photo (all these photos edited by kak ali:) & funny moments, kak ryan (the shinchan :p) for the good driver and pictures , kak alida (my sister:) and lare (my buddy) for your care:* too many laughs, too many beautiful landscapes, too many happy things that we spent together:)ย  Kiluan and Pahawang are really a great places:) We must explore other places together again oke!:)


now being backย  to the last year student – Aghnia Amalia Septiany


8 thoughts on “Kiluan! Another heaven:)

  1. Wow, what a great post Aghnia! ๐Ÿ˜€ I wish I can go to Kiluan someday ๐Ÿ™‚
    Especially, I’m so curious about the 5 colors beach view! White for the sand, green for the forest, blue for the sea, but what are orange and red supposed to be?
    And last, Lampung is not the part of South Sumatera. It is a province, named Lampung. Haha
    Keep posting! \m/

  2. it was also from the beach kak:D The moon! which appeared in evening, gave its bright shine and reflected to the water! orange for the shallow sea and red for the deep see! absolutely must see them directly:D

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