Family <3

Bill Gates, my another Nurel :’)

I was already go back home after printed my final paper for tomorrow meeting with my lecturer, when suddenly a small young handsome boy pass my way and show me his awesome smile:). He show me his little pink chick, and tell me his chick story. (actually I’ve never seen the pink chicken before:O and the way he tell me is really funny:3).  So I asked his mother, this printing business owner, what her boy name, and she said ‘Bill Gates’, name of the world richest people:’)

Playing with this handsome and funny boy, is really attracting me. When it comes the time for me to go, he asked one sweet question to me..

Kakak pulang sendirian? Mau aku anterin?

Suddenly his question making me remember with my another lovely boy, called Nurel😦 my only student when I became a private teacher 4 months ago.

Nurel is a really nice boy, he loves football, spaghetti, french fries, battle card, and playing plant vs zombie in his iPad. He lives in an apartment with her mother and baby sitter. He is really smart, he can answered all his school task correctly, have a good score and high grade in her class. Actually he doesn’t need me to teach him:)

He loves to play with me, he finished his homework quickly every time I came, to take for that things. He loves to make me mad with his naughty character. He really an attractive boy, need a big effort to make him sit and study. Teaching Nurel is really made me tired. But one of the best thing that I miss about him, in his young age, he was the most nice and mature boy that I’ve ever meet:)

Nurel has a really kind heart. He never forget to hugs me, and said welcome every time I enter his apartment. He really friendly, listened all that I’m saying (except studying:p), give me his favorite expensive battle card (I don’t know how to play that, he said I can play it in PVJ:O), eat my not delicious omeletmake me laughs, shopping, prying, made a chemistry  mount volcano, soo many things that we spent together, and the most important is he really care to me:)

Kak nia udah makan? Udah sholat? Udah ngerjain tugas?

Kak nia udah malem bgt, mau aku anterin?

Kak nia kok diem aja? lagi sedih?:(

Kemarin kenapa g dateng kak?:(

Kak nia udah pernah makan ini? mau coba?

I never forget all sweet question that he asked to me. I know he feel really lonely since the first time I met him, but he never spoiled to me:’). Its really a sad time when I decided to stop this job to focus in my last year collage.. I know he’ll angry with me because I didn’t tell him it was my last day with him. I know if I’ll do, he’ll prevent me to do that and crying:'(

So goodbye for a while Nurel, I know you’ll become a great man one day:) Please forgive all your young teacher mistakes.. I really miss your smile, and all the things that we spent together:'( Don’t ever stop to study. You have a long way to go. Please be happy for me:) Thank you so much for giving me so many lessons. Remember that you have a great mother, and family who loves you:)

Suddenly I remember the first time when he got angry with me because I’m busy with my phone.

Kak nia kok sibuk sendiri, kakak g sayang sama nurel lagi..

And it was the day when I realize how lonely he is.. It wasn’t question Nurel, because I’ll always do:’)

Your short-term private teacher- Aghnia Amalia Septiany


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