My Small Thoughts

“Are you Above or Below the line?”

Without a doubt, everybody wants living a life above the line in order to make them happy and reach their achievements. And how to make it? It’s all about creating a positive mental attitude in our mind which also one of the key to our success:)

We will be happier, more productive, and more doing everything effectively without think hardly in facing our problems.

This post actually have been made in my tumblr one year ago, but someone teach me about this diagram again (makes me really rise up) which can tell us where are our position. Above or Below the line.

Characteristics of someone who are in below the line are 1. Blaming. (blame others for all the bad thing that are happening to us) “I was late because of traffic jams in Jalan Ganesha” or “My grade was down because of him”, 2. Excusing. (make excuse for not doing our job or not solving our problems) and 3. Live in Denial (deny that anything is wrong with us or our attitude).

With this one or three characteristics we will be more more and more down to our worst condition! So, beware friends, if this happen to us, we must change our bad attitude up to characteristics which are above the line! Change our blaming with our ownership. “I can come to this class in the right time!”, replace excuses with accountability “This is my job and I will do it optimally!” and change denial with responsibility. With this three positive characteristics, we’ll get more effort to reach our goals successfully and influence peoples around us to do the same, on the fun & amazing as our way:)

So, stay Positive and Above the Line people! hope success behind us!!:)

a will keep trying woman – Aghnia Amalia Septiany



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