The Beauty of Indonesia

Hallo, Karimun Jawa:)

This adventure idea started in negotiation class when Suzan and Artinna, an exchange student from Denmark, told me and kak Alida about their journey in Sumatra. They saw the national park, bathed the elephant, came to rain forest and had many amazing experience in that island which makes me and kak Alida interested to join their next adventure, to the islands of Karimunjawa.

“Once upon a time there live one of famous Islamic leader in Java island namely, Sunan Muria who worried about her son. So, he asked her son to go to an island that seems “kremun-kremun” (cryptic) from the summit of Mount Moriah that can deepen and develop the science of religion of his son. Because it looks “kremun-kremun” the island called Karimun Island”

Karimunjawa consist by the 27 small islands which located in north Jepara, Central Java. It has coral reefs, mangroves, coastal forests, and nearly 400 species of marine fauna, including 242 species of ornamental fish and some rare fauna which are the sea eagle and white chest, hawksbill and green turtles.

This islands is popular by its white sand beaches, underwater park, and its nice island which makes me and kak Alida want to see that directly. Suzan said that I must to explore the natural beauty of my own country, and that will I do:)

It took 12,75 hours to go to Karimunjawa from Bandung. 12 hours in night bus to Jepara by Kramat Jati bus (Rp 85.000) , and 45 minutes from Jepara to the islands by Bahari Express ship (Rp 84.000). That was a long worried journey with the crazy-super-drag bus which made me, kak alida, suzan, artina (Denmark), manny and robbert (Holland) not having a good sleep, we just lot of talks about culture and pray for a quick journey without hitting any car in the street. But it was so fun:D

When we arrive in Jepara we look like a Katrina hurricane victims with our mess clothes and face. haha. Then we took the 45 minutes time  to Karimunjawa by the express ship and finally we saw that popular islands. The journey was officially begun!!:)

Because we are following the travel agent, named Mr. Alex (+6281901599000), the first thing he do is introduce us to other tour members. Devina, tari, kak linda, nikki (USA), and six other boys from Jakarta (I only know ryan, sydo, geo and dyan:O) then bring us to our cottage called ‘Rumah Emak’. Earlier I think that the cottage will be a bad cottage because we join the cheapest package tour (Rp. 435.000 including two times express ship, cottage, traveling, underwater photo and food), but totally I’m wrong. ‘Pondok Emak’ is really awesome:D

At night we go to Karimunjawa central park (alun-alun:p) by pick up car:O and eat so delicious squid!! (right tari?:p) teaching saman to the bule:D, playing few traditional games, having a funny talk with Pak Supri, see the very clear and bright star and the most important for the first time in my life is I see the falling star!! aaaaa it was so amazingg…

The next day we go snorkeling in two place, actually I’m not a good swimmer and this is my first snorkeling, so I wear everything that can safe me from the danger of drowning:p Snorkel, frog feet, and buoy jacket:p Really different with other with just wearing a snorkel :O:O (I think I must learn more:D) In underwater I see many various fish and coral which really beautiful, and taking so many photos with underwater camera, how amazing:)

In the afternoon we go to one of the island where the inhabitant cooked us a super-delicious fish!! we eating like a zombie and have a lot of laughs. At night we sing many old song guitar by mr. alex and robbert in central park again, and playing UNO until the mid night:D

The last day we go to the shark conservation, and swim with them!:O (how scary I am!) but I really want to touch one of them and Pak Supri helping me:) its an unforgettable experience! then we go snorkeling again (today I try to not wearing the safety jacket with Pak Supri help and taking a good photo:D)

Then go to cottage for packing, farewell with others:(, and enter the express ship again, back to java with kak Alida because Artina, Suzan, Robbert and Manny wants to stay longer. We arrived in Bandung at 5 O’clock in the morning, and lucky I still can join the my capital market class at 11 a.m without having any oversleeps;)

Thank you guyss for the amazing experience! The friendly bule:p Suzan, artina, robbert, and manny. Devina and tari for your kindness in accompany us:* kak linda, nikki, boys from jakarta, for the funny moments:D mr. Alex, pak supri, and other karimunjawa inhabitants for being a good facilitator. And specially for Kak Alida for my best sister companion:p See you on another journey!!:)

Now being a black skin girl :O – Aghnia Amalia Septiany


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