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a glimpse of an Education..

Education was one of topic that explained by a speaker in an event (#RepertoarGaneca) that I attended on previous Saturday with Om Bril, Kak Taufik and Kak Arse. Actually I’m not the one who really interested with this topic, I prefer to read my ‘A Swordless Samurai – Hideyoshi’ book , then suddenly that smart speaker give that question to the audience which can made my eyes open. What is the basically an education, purpose?.

He said that it has three fundamental goals which are : sharpening the intelligent, strengthening the will, and smoothing our feeling.

This is a story about a young boy which was rejected by every university that he and his mother tried to enter. So when their refused him caused of reason he has no capabilities to follow the collage lessons, her mother directly grip his hand and said, ‘you will study with me, my dear, I will teach you everything more than you can get from this institution!’. So his mother told them every single thing that she knows to his son, gave him so many things in life that need to be studied. His university was Family, and his faculty was Love. Many years later, he really become a success man which makes not only her mother but also his country proud. His name was Honda.

We have a big dream when we still young, but many years later, through the time, our dream become smaller and smaller. Do you remember when you still haven’t entered the school you want to be a Superman?, then in school your dream become more real to be an Entrepreneur, but it become smaller when you finished your school to be an Employee. So why its so far from Superman to Employee?

One day when Bill Gates comes to Harvard to give a speech about how he became a really successful entrepreneurs. He said to students who sit on the auditorium, ‘I’m standing here because I’m different from you, I’m not get what you get from this university, my key of success was out there, not here’. Suddenly one of the students go out from the class and make a big decision to out from this university. Bill learn from the experience that’s what he knows. His name was Mark Zuckerberg

Then what things that must be taught in the school? He (the speaker) said there are three points about that, which are : education and science skills for dealing with the owners of stock in the capital, education in communication, organization and democracy as a way of developing a personality, the last is a downward-oriented education to develop an attitude of love and favor of the poor and weak peoples.

The best education was which can strengthening solidarity

Anxiety in education is : the first, a minimal tolerance for differences (failure was understood as a violation of the eternal purpose of education), the second is the declining of confidence knowledge (people who are unable to do what he believes) will tend to what will to do, the third is dogmatic value system, so as to create a monopoly, the latter, ritual education with consequence the burden of education costs soar with extraordinary (facilities be decisive).

Educational task is to develop maturity and bravery, to change fate, and to increase knowledge. Peoples who want to go to school was people who want to change their fate. If you wont to change your fate, for what you took study in school? just give them to people who really need them.

There was a research of country based on their ‘Happiness’. The first winner was Iceland  an ice country where failure was an happiness. They have a really positive mindset which make them never stop in doing every thing as long as they try.  And the last country in the list was Qatar where place of rich peoples with their oil, their happiness with a much money was equivalent with their anxiety in facing their life. — Eric Weiner

Now I know, our education was not an ‘Ideal’ education that the speaker’s said. Our education was still on its time to grow, and it really need us to slowly improve that by become a good student, build this country, and make a change. Would you mind to try together for the betterment of the nation’s education?

just a regular university student — Aghnia Amalia Septiany


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