Special Moment

Rick Price was Comin!!

Today,  (no, no but yesterday because it’s already 00.31) me, maya, fallen, astrid, vira, sarah, upi and via-kak nos, ai-vino couples spent the night with attending Rick Price and Kahitna concert at Sabuga. Rick Price was an old singer since I was born in 1992, but it songs like ‘if you were my baby’ and ‘heaven knows’ until now were still popular and everyone was not bored to hear that songs in many times. In this concert I feel so…#speechless! Rick Price’s voice was too wonderful!! He seems like a man angels!! (I think you will said the same things If you hear that directly). Thank’s God I’m really lucky to meet my favorite singer:) Rick Price was a brilliant song composers! He can play guitar, piano, harmonica nicely! His songs was always too sweet that describing about his memories and his love. He makes me like entered his songs and feel its story.  When he sings ‘you’re never alone’ a song for his son in Hong Kong with Piano, I can imagine how miss I am to my children although I haven’t have it:(

You can love without limit
From deep in your soul
If you keep a young heart, son
You will never grow old..

After that ‘mellow situation’ that Rick Price made, Kahitna bring us some fun songs like ‘tentang diriku’, ‘cantik’ and many more likes ‘tak sebebas merpati’, ‘mantan terindah’, and ‘takkan terganti’. Kahitna although categorized as an old musician, but they also still a great singer, and everybody including me, my family and my friend loves them:) Mario was too handsome!!! :p For closing this concert, firstly I disappointed because I haven’t heard the best Rick Price song, but suddenly he come back and singing that!!

Maybe my love will come back some day
Only heaven knows
And maybe our hearts will find a way
Only heaven knows
And all I can do is hope and pray
‘Cause heaven knows..

(too excited) and before we go home, Rick Price gave us his own signed and get many photos together!! Thank you sooo much mister!! This is the worth (est) it concert that I ever come in my life!! ( I mean, how many peoples that can take photos with a popular singer after his concert like us?:p). Thank you genggss for your fun (ness):D This night was really made me ‘mellow’ but overall, I am.. ‘happy’😀

One of Rick Price voice’s lover!

Aghnia Amalia Septiany


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