My best partner ever: Yessy Purnamasari:)

Can you imagine how to spend the 5 weeks in the other country with has different language, different culture, different food, different lifestyle and other many things that really different from your country? I can’t imagine passing through that, without having a really brave woman beside me, called ecy (Yessy Purnamasari):)

I met Yessy just two weeks before going to that country, and quickly, i can make friend with her. Ecy is a sweet, smart, easily get panic:p, fashionable and really nice girl from Bandung, the same city with my university. She loves singing (has a beautiful voice), dancing (students said that sexy in dancing:p), english (she has an excellent english!), shopping, fashion and of course her family and her boyfriend (almost every night she online skype to make a call with them:p). And one of yessy’s character that I like the most about her, is in her young age (21 years old), she was a woman who truly mature. And I, was really admire that character:O

You know, I am really a childish girl, I can’t control my mood, really careless, easily forget something, have a really bad English, dancing, voice  and can’t manage my time well, and Ecy, was not have all that bad characters, so if I do that things, she never forget to remind me, help me when get something difficult because my fault, teach me how to speak English well, dancing, listen my problem, and all many things that I can’t handle by myself, even remind me to go to shower:p

So, ecii, thank you sooo much for being my friend, my sister, my mother:p, and everything for me in this great five weeks. I really miss spending the funny time again with you. So lets hang out again together with Puji ya yess!, jangan sombong-sombong:p we are in the same city!:D Cepet nikah sama harist<3You know, you are my best partner, ever!🙂

your sweet exchange friend:p –Aghnia Amalia Septiany


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