about three days…

Heng Chun, January 8,2012- January 11, 2012

sometimes in a few minutes when I stop playing with the children. I look at their each eyes, and suddenly I catch their little feeling, sad, really-really sad. They not have any good background family. Many of them have a divorced parents, many of them just lived with their grandfather or grandmother, and many of them even have no  parents. They never feel how happy we are in celebrated the birthday, how happy we are in hearing a goodnight  words before sleep every night, how happy we are in having people who are always there for us and love us…

so in this these 5 last days I will try as much as  I can to hug them, accompanying them to learn/play, and listening to their stories. You know you are not alone dears:)

your foreigner sister – Aghnia Amalia Septiany


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