a long time day for play :O:O

on Wednesday children finished their school at 11.30 a.m, so they come to study with me and yessy many hours more than the usual day. To day we teached them about days (senin selasa rabu kamis jum’at sabtu minggu) and they really hard to spell that Indonesian words but all feel so fun! (thats what I love about this school children, they all really have a high spirit to study:D) after that we played in the park and played ‘ular naga panjang’ which really made me and yessy tired:O:O ( I think we will sleep over again this night yess:p)

this morning our director bought me and yessy morning breakfast burger which really delicious more than hambao near Puji’s school that we usually bought. and we have sweet times when our students frantically looking for us when we bought some food in supermarket (they scared we’ll lost:O). xie xie for make our days happy!

a ‘morning breakfast’ new fans – Aghnia Amalia Septiany :6


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