Let’S play ampar-ampar pisang!

soooo happy for me and yessy when the director and cathy (one of teacher:) suddenly bring us to Kenting National Park in this morning. We watch the movie (about underwater lives and biodiversity in Kenting tourist building), take many photos, laughing, singing, see how beautiful that beach and always be grateful to our God that let us in to this project which can make us travelling from north to south Taiwan!:)

Because we have class at 4.00 p.m, the director bring us back to school. This day we teached Indonesian traditional game and song ‘ampar-ampar pisang’ to the children and they really feel fun! (how proud we are:D) At first we teach them the song, directly play the game and then we make an ‘ampar-ampar pisang game competition!’ (yessy give each four winner 1000 rupiah, they look soo amaze because the biggest nominal money paper in ntd was 1000). How happy we are when after the class finished that are still some students that asked us to teach that song again:) you know we like to teach you dears!:)

a suddenly Indonesian culture teacher :O:O – Aghnia Amalia Septiany


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