Another southern city!

Pingtung, 2 January 2012

8 hours was a very long time journey for me and yessy in going to Pingtung, the southest Taiwan county, and we live in Honchern, near the Kenting National Park (we plan to go there on weekend). In 5.00 p.m we had a really great meeting with this social school children and teacher. They show us the traditional dance, song and really curious about our contry. So yessy show the map of Indonesia (Thank you soo much to bring that yess) and we explained a little things about our country, about its 17.508 island, 300 cultures and more (They really have many questions). They all soo nice and kind peoples, we quickly became closed to them this night me and yessy sleep in the second floor of this school. Another great day in begin this new day at 2012. Thank you so much for to day! Wo ai ni

a new sister – Aghnia Amalia Septiany



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